Top 5 Plant Styling Trends

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With an endless sea of decor inspiration accounts to be found on Instagram and Pinterest, there always seems to be a wave of new house plant styling trends sweeping across Edmonton. Some trends have clearly made a massive splash recently. (Macrame hangers have become so popular, I’m suspicious they might be secretly plotting world domination.) But, there are a few new innovative styling trends I’ve noticed that are really starting to gain momentum. Vintage vibes and boho plant decor are all the rage, and these five new design ideas have some serious potential. If you’re ready to change up the look of your houseplant display, try some of these indoor plant styling trends:

Upcycle with Vintage Cans

Maybe it’s because I’m just thoroughly inspired by Greta Thunberg’s unwavering environmental activism right now, but I’m really getting into the upcycling movement. Reducing waste and giving old objects a second life is a great habit to get into, and the results can be pretty cool. 

For a fun, creative, and inexpensive alternative to the plain old terracotta plant pot, visit one of the many antique shops in Edmonton and pick up some old vintage cans in all different sizes. The retro labels bring together neat colour combos and vintage fonts, and that sense of nostalgia adds so much character to a room. 

Drill a few good-sized drainage holes into the bottom of the cans before filling them with soil. If you’re worried about the can label getting water damage, pick up some matte or satin finish mod podge from a craft store and apply a generous coat. The mod podge has a sealing effect, so the colours don’t bleed and the label doesn’t break down.

vintage can succulent crystals plant styling trends salisbury greenhouse sherwood park edmonton

Crystals in Succulent Containers

I’m a collector at heart””let’s just say I have more than a few shelves devoted to my plants, comic books, Star Wars memorabilia, and a few other things I geek out on. But I confess, I’ve always been a bit of a rock and crystal collector, too. 

While I’m not the type who thinks my crystals are going to realign my chakras (truthfully, I’m not sure if I even know what a chakra is), you’ve gotta admit; some crystals look pretty magical. The unique shapes and raw, rough edges make each little rock a work of art straight from the earth. Their natural beauty makes them a perfect addition to mixed container arrangements. A couple of strategically-placed chunks of amethyst look wicked in a succulent pot. Plus, if one of your little plants meets it’s untimely end and leaves a bare patch in the container, you can place a cool crystal in there, and boom! It’s a whole new display.

Water Marbled Pots

Water marbling pots is one of the few DIY projects that’s absolutely worth devoting a full afternoon to. The results look phenomenal, and it’s a great activity to do with kids on a rainy day. 

Start by cleaning off your terracotta pots with soap and water, drying them off, and then coating them with a layer of white spray paint. Once the spray paint dries, fill a big plastic tub with water (enough to submerge your pots in). Pick out some spray paint colours to do your marbling. For a traditional marble look, opt for white, grey, and black. If you want to get creative with your marbling, you can try out different colour combos with maybe one metallic paint added in the mix as an accent. 

water marbled pots plant styling trends salisbury greenhouse sherwood park edmonton

Quickly spray a little bit of paint at a time onto the water’s surface, alternating colours. Once there’s a layer coating the entire surface of the water, grab a toothpick and swirl it around just a bit, to get that marbled look. Put some plastic gloves on, carefully pick up the edge of the pot, and slowly dip it all the way into the tub. Once it’s all the way in, give a quick swish with your hand to break up the paint at the surface, so it doesn’t coat your pot a second time as you pull it out. Remove the pot and set it on some newspaper to dry. 

To remove the remaining paint from the tub to fill it with different colours, take a piece of craft paper and lay it on top of the water, then gently peel it off. It will pick up that top layer of paint, and you’ll end up with an extra piece of fridge art! 

Get Crafty with Floating Shelves

You might find it tricky to figure out how to arrange indoor plants, especially when you have a ton of them. That’s why floating shelves have remained to be the foundation of many popular plant styling trends“” they fill up wall space without cluttering your room. 

For an unexpected twist on this trendy look, search for fresh alternatives to the plain Ikea shelves you see everywhere. I saw some rectangle wire baskets with a rose gold finish at the dollar store the other day, and instantly thought of hanging them up with a few nails, with the basket’s bottom flat against the wall. 

Wicker and rattan baskets also make awesome floating shelves””totally on point if you’ve got an artsy, boho plant room vibe going on. 

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floating shelves plant stands plant styling trends salisbury greenhouse sherwood park edmonton

Barley Twist Plant Stands

Any expert at plant display styling will tell you that it’s integral to play around with different heights and elevations. It creates more visual interest than simply clustering all your plants together on one shelf. A barley twist plant stand looks great in the corner of the room, with a few more plants huddled around the base. Plus, that classic woodwork style is so charming and old-fashioned, without looking dull or dated. Try placing a few together in different heights and sizes for extra visual impact.   

Houseplants truly are works of art. Displaying them in a creative and beautiful way will ensure they get the appreciation they deserve. If you’re feeling inspired to start experimenting with plant styling trends but haven’t gotten around to getting any houseplants yet, you know what to do! Visit us at our greenhouse in Edmonton, and we’ll show you our massive selection of houseplants to liven up your living space. 

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