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Nematodes and Japanese Beetles

Nematodes and Japanese Beetles Japanese Beetles in Our Gardens Nematodes Using Nematodes in the Garden “Never stop fighting till the fight is done.” – Eliot Ness With the time and energy that we put into

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Mason Bees 101

Mason Bees 101 By Rob Sproule The Buzz about the Bee Do They Sting? How Much do They Pollinate? Housing Them “The men of experiment are like the ant; they only collect and use. But

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The Fake News on Earwigs

The Fake News on  Earwigs By Rob Sproule Earwigs & Fake News Spotting Them Controlling Them Protecting Your Home They look like tiny prehistoric nightmares with a stereotype to match. But as long as you

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The “Other” Pollinators

The “Other” Pollinators   By: Rob Sproule Hoverflies Butterflies Other Bees We’ve heard about the honeybees. But what about the other garden superstars giving us apples and strawberries and cucumbers? It’s easy to attract them

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Cherry Maggots

Cherry Maggots by Rob Sproule We’ve heard a lot about apple maggots lately and, unfortunately, the prognosis for backyard apple growers is pretty dire. For every fruit there is a pest, it seems, and for

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Cabbage Worm

Cabbage Worm by Rob Sproule The Cabbage worms are out early this year!  If you love to munch on broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and the crisp, broad leaves of kale, you’re not alone. While we wait

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Poplar Borer Insect

Poplar Borer

Poplar Borer by Shirley Martin We have two small dogs who are getting up in years making more temperate weather ideal for walking them. My daughter and I decided to check out the local lake

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