Unravelling the Whimsy of Hanging Baskets

Imagine having a vibrant mini garden that blossoms with life and colour almost instantly! As Rob Sproule delightfully points out in this video alongside Tracie Gray, “the seasons are short.” So, why not seize the fleeting beauty with a hanging basket that’s ready to roll?

Pruning: Keep It Lush

Don’t just hang there; get snipping! Rob emphasizes the vitality of pruning. Trimming back isn’t just about maintaining aesthetics; it’s about encouraging healthy growth. Need a deeper dive into pruning practices? Check out the detailed guide on hanging basket care.

Deadheading: Off with Their Dead!

While some may consider it macabre, deadheading is all about reviving and rejuvenating your floral display. By removing spent blooms, you encourage new growth. Not sure if your plant demands such drama? Check the tag or ask a knowledgeable staff member at one of our Salisbury Greenhouse locations.

Fertilizing: Nutrients on Demand

Whether you’re a fan of the slow burn or instant gratification, Salisbury’s got your feed. Choose from slow-release pellets for a steady diet or water-soluble fertilizer for a quick fix.

Check out the video below, where Rob Sproule teams up with Tracie Gray to decode the mysteries of fertilizer NPK values and how to pick the perfect type for your plants.

Watering: Make it Rain

Remember, hanging baskets are the divas of the gardening world—high maintenance and utterly worth it. When the sun scorches, they drink up daily. They might be hanging, but in terms of thirst, they’re grounded in need. 

Sun: A Rotation Revelation

Sun worship is real for these elevated beauties. As Rob suggests, they crave sunlight almost as much as they do your adoration. Not getting enough light? Rotate your baskets as recommended in this helpful article, ensuring every petal gets its moment in the sun.

If your yard lacks access to direct sunlight, fear not. We have hanging baskets designed with shade-loving plants just for you.

From pruning to sunbathing, maintaining a hanging basket is a blend of art and science, with a sprinkle of passion. Hang in there, and watch your garden grow—not just up, but all around!

If you’re in the Edmonton area and looking to spruce up your garden with vibrant hanging baskets, why not visit us in person? Drop by Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park or Salisbury at Enjoy in St. Albert to explore our wide selection of hanging baskets, top-quality fertilizers, and all your gardening essentials. Our friendly experts are here to help you with all your gardening needs. Come see us today and let’s make your garden flourish!


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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