8 Awesome Christmas Tree Trends for 2019

8 Awesome Christmas Tree Trends for 2019 main
Rainbow Christmas Tree by John Lewis

Decorating the Christmas tree is among my favourite holiday rituals to enjoy with the family, but we don’t always go the traditional route. Especially when you have kids, it’s fun to mix it up and experiment with new decorating trends. We scoured social media to find the most innovative and creative approaches to Christmas decorating, and I’ve gotta say, these are pretty awesome. From cartoonishly whimsical ornaments, to delightfully nerdy themes and ultra-modern Christmas tree alternatives, we’ve got a pretty solid list that’s sure to provide you with some inspiration for your 2019 holiday display. And of course, if you’re looking for a fresh, green Christmas tree in Edmonton, Salisbury is your go-to greenhouse to fill your home with that satisfying, nostalgic scent. 

Our Favourite Up-And-Coming Christmas Tree Trends for 2019

This year, ditch the dusty 40-year old ornaments held together by Scotch tape and try something new and fun to brighten up your home. These top Christmas decor trends for 2019 are sure to impress.  

Rainbow Tree: Pick up a set of ornaments in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Start by hanging all the red ornaments around the top part of your tree, then add the orange ones directly below, and keep working downward with each coloured set, so you’re left with rainbow rings encircling the tree. Adding in some matching garland or ribbons will top it off perfectly!

8 Awesome Christmas Tree Trends for 2019 pom pom silk flowers trees
Pom Pom Gnome Ornaments by Lia Griffith

DIY Pom-Pom Ornaments: It’s so easy to make your own pom-poms, and when hung on a Christmas tree, they’re downright adorable! They kind of have a Dr. Seuss vibe, which my kids totally dig. Speaking of which, making pom-poms is an awesome activity to keep your kids busy for an afternoon. All you’ll need is a cardboard box, scissors, and lots and lots of yarn. Cheap acrylic yarn should be just fine (no need to splurge on the expensive mohair), and if you pick three or four colours to play around with, the finished product will look awesome. 

To make your pom-poms, put two pieces of cardboard together and cut out a circle shape. Next, cut another circle out from the middle of those circles, so you’re left with two donut shapes. Wrap yarn around and around the donut until it’s covered in several layers. Then, take your scissors and carefully snip the outer edge of the yarn, making sure to hold the two donut pieces together, so the yarn doesn’t fall out. To finish it off, take a separate piece of yarn and string it between the two donut pieces, tying it in a knot to hold all the yarn together. Pull off the cardboard, fluff up the yarn, and you have a pom-pom! Trim any uneven edges so they look nice and uniform, and start decorating that tree.

Decorate With Silk Flowers: Our frigid winter weather often has us missing the bright summer flowers that fill our gardens, so why not decorate your tree with some silk flowers? For something sunny and cheerful, opt for some big yellow sunflowers or daisies. Pink peonies and roses have a romantic, feminine look that seem straight off the pages of a Jane Austen novel, and bright, exotic tropical blossoms have us dreaming of holidays in Jamaica. 

8 Awesome Christmas Tree Trends for 2019 retro gamer tree
Video Game Ornaments by WeCollectGames

Retro Gamer Tree: Christmas decor is usually full of nostalgia, but instead of the traditional opulent, sparkly decorations, mix things up a bit with a fun, 8-bit inspired 80’s video game theme! Print out some images on photo paper of characters from retro games like Super Mario, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders, glue them onto cardboard, cut them out, and hang them up with paper clips. Of course, you’ve gotta top that tree off with a Super Star from the Super Mario games. 

Galaxy Tree: The tradition of the Christmas tree comes from the ancient Roman celebration of Saturnalia, so why not decorate with planet and star ornaments? Buy some regular ball ornaments and paint them with swirls of colour that match the patterns of the planets in our solar system for a totally stellar Christmas display.   

8 Awesome Christmas Tree Trends for 2019 galaxy tree floating shelf
Planetary Glass Ornaments on BoredPanda and 10 Creative Christmas Trees on OhBaby

Floating Shelf Tree: If opting for a full-sized Christmas tree isn’t in the cards for you, this clever alternative will save you tons of space while still looking festive. Go to Ikea and grab 5 or 6 floating shelves of gradually increasing size. Arrange your shelves in a Christmas tree shape on the wall, with the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom. Then, put all your favourite Christmas decorations and ornaments on the shelves, and voila! You’ve got yourself a perfect alternative that still captures that fun Christmas vibe.

Unicorn Tree: This one is pretty out-there, but my daughter loves it. Instead of the traditional star or angel topper, put a big swirly, sparkly unicorn horn up top, with a pointy ear on either side. Add in some silk flowers to give her a fancy flower crown. Next, cut out two giant sets of eyelashes from black construction paper and stick them on the front of your tree. Add in the rest of your sparkly garlands and snowflake decorations, and you’ve got a whimsical tree fit for a princess.  

8 Awesome Christmas Tree Trends for 2019 unicorn darth vader trees
Unicorn Tree by Crafty Morning and Darth Vader tree on Toxel.com

Darth Vader: Okay, I definitely saved the best one for last. Hands down, this one wins the award for best Christmas decor theme of 2019. You guys all know how much I love Star Wars, so this one is kind of blowing my mind. Decorate the front half of your tree as usual, and then drape a black cloak over the back. Top it with a Darth Vader mask, and fasten a toy lightsaber across the front. Joy to the world, the Sith Lord has come! 

We hope you have fun decorating the tree with family this year! Turn on some Christmas carols (or the Star Wars soundtrack), pour a few mugfuls of hot cocoa, and enjoy! As always, if you need any last-minute decorations or Christmas tree supplies, like a stand or a tree skirt, visit us at Salisbury Greenhouse and we’ll get you on your merry way.


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