Garden Trends Forecast for 2021

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The global gardening community grew drastically in 2020, and we’re heading into 2021 with some exciting trends in the forecast. All those beginner gardeners last year, with a little more experience under their belts, are getting more adventurous and creative this year and looking for ways to put their own style on their gardening space. 

Here’s what we think is going to be popular in 2021. 

Colour Theme Gardens

Colour themed gardens are trending. White gardens have always been popular, where you have a garden full of plants that flower in white or with foliage that looks white or silvery. But this trend is starting to shift towards other colours too. 

The colour variety of flowers that are available now is astounding. It’s a fun challenge to try to find various plants to suit your space, and with a range of blooming times, so your colour theme is clear all season. Black has been an increasingly popular trend in flowers, so we’re secretly hoping to see some happy little goth gardens full of dramatic black blooms. 

outdoor workspace

Outdoor Living Spaces

Many people are adjusting to and loving the work from home. With the pandemic, we think the WFH style will stick around for a good portion of 2020. So, why not optimize your home, and extend your living and working space to include the outdoors. 

Comfortable patio furniture, quiet nooks, and leafy green shade make work a little more blissful. We’re expecting to see some blissed-out outdoor workspaces, protected from the weather, with just the right amount of shade so you can see the screen in front of your live-plant zoom backdrop and connect to the Wi-Fi.

Growing Local

There are many reasons for it, but people are increasingly interested in growing local native plants. Whether it’s to help improve local biodiversity, reduce garden maintenance, or just to be more eco-conscious, we think people are going to be looking for even more local plants than usual. 

As we head back towards more social opportunities again, people will want to reduce maintenance and keep that connection to nature they got from gardening. Growing local native plants that are tough is the easiest way to do that. 

grow your own vegetables

Smart Garden Tech

Garden tech helps people hit those sustainability goals, as well as save money and lower maintenance. Programmed irrigation systems, automatic grow lights, and temperature or humidity warnings straight to your phone will help you keep your plants safe and well cared for. 

There are many innovative solutions for garden tech, and with such a dramatic increase in popularity, there are sure to be some cool developments this coming year. It’s a no-brainer for all the tech-lovers to combine their tech passion with their newfound gardening passion for some fascinating innovation.

Growing in Any Space

The passion for gardening has spread like wildfire, well beyond people who have yards to grow in. People are creating elaborate balcony gardens, maximizing window light with fancy window-sill garden structures, and installing energy-friendly grow lights so they can grow their own food, even on the 20th floor. We only expect this to continue growing by leaps and bounds as people learn about how to grow food, or houseplants, in whatever space is available. 

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Have you started planning your 2021 garden yet? The way seeds sold out last year, you may not want to wait too long to make sure you get what you want. Visit Salisbury early to make sure you’ve got everything you need to create the garden of your dreams this summer.


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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