5 Creative Ideas to Make Room for More Houseplants

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It’s hard to resist a good indoor plant impulse-buy, but our home’s only have so much space, and once you have a sizable collection, you gotta get creative with plant storage ideas. With each new variegated philodendron and colourful creeping vine introduced in the greenhouse, I feel like a Pokemon master taking the “gotta catch em all” approach. 

Now, as glorious as it may feel to amass a collection of 151 plants, you want to have some space to roam in your home without tripping and falling face first into a spiky haworthia. Here are some cool design hacks for plant storage that will help you to display tons of plants in a way that looks artsy and well-curated, not chaotic and cluttered.  

5 Indoor Plant Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

When it comes to making the most of your available space, while still keeping stylistic design and aesthetics in mind, a little creativity goes a long way. It also helps a little if you have experience in playing Tetris. These ingenious plant storage hacks use everyday objects and simple strategies for maximizing space, and they’re pretty easy to pull off, even if you aren’t that familiar with 1980s 8-bit puzzle games.

The Coat Rack Hack

A standing coat rack””the kind that has hooks along the length of its main base””makes a seriously awesome plant stand. You can hang containers of all different sizes all around it, and can even affix a clip-on UV light to the top to shine down on your plants if you don’t have much sun. Pick up some small containers with hooks, make some macrame hangers for pots, or string up some planters or terrariums with twine.  

Try to pick up a stand that fits with the aesthetic in your home. If you’re more into rustic, boho vibe, then check around different vintage stores here in Alberta, or browse Facebook Marketplace. You’ll likely be able to find an inexpensive antique wooden coat rack, and you can hang assorted containers and houseplants with all sorts of cool colors, textures and materials. If you want something a little more sophisticated and polished, find a simple metal coat rack with a minimalist design, and hang your plants in color coordinated containers. 

tension rods hanging planters

Install Beams for Your Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets have always been a great solution for keeping your desk space and plant shelves a little less cluttered, but finding places to hang them can be kind of tricky. However, if you look around your room, you can probably find a spot where you could install a rod or beam that could hold several plants at once! The big gap between the kitchen cabinets overtop of your sink? You could totally put a beam there. That old tacky chandelier above the dining room table? Replace it with a beam for plants!  

Tension rods, like the kind that hold up your shower curtain, are a nice budget-friendly material that works perfectly. Just make sure you use some good quality adhesive to really keep it in place, since bigger potted plants can get kind of heavy. For something a little fancier, you can install some shiny copper pipes””they have that cool, industrial loft look that feels very NYC.   

Ikea Bed Slats for Wall Planters

You know those wooden bed slats held together by thin strips of fabric that come with Ikea bed frames? They’re amazing for mounting on the wall and hanging plants! They’re pretty long and usually have around 14 panels, so they can carry a whole lotta plants! Luckily, with bed frames ranging from single to king, you have some options for size. Opt for small to medium sized containers that can be hung up with a hook and will lie flat against the wall. Hang one in your kitchen and try planting a bunch of different fresh herbs and edible plants, to create a living spice rack!

wood slat herb wall

Driftwood Plant Hangers

I’ve seen some trendy restaurants and indie boutiques take giant pieces of driftwood, suspend them from the ceiling with rope, and use them to hang plants (and sometimes twinkle lights!). The twisting, textured wood is like an art piece in itself, and can be hung in the middle of a room, or up against a wall. Macrame hangers match up perfectly with this rustic style, and you can play around with different sizes and length of string to add balance and visual interest. The wood is already perfectly imperfect, so have fun customizing your display in a way that really speaks to you!

Repurpose a Rolling Clothes Rack

In my quest to figure out how to fit more plants in a room, this solution is definitely the one I’m most pumped about. It’s pretty brilliant, not gonna lie! A simple rolling rack for clothes can easily hang a bunch of plants, and you can get strategic with where you place it in the room. With a large enough rack, and plenty of lush greenery cascading downward, you’ve pretty much got a mini plant wall that you can place anywhere as a privacy screen or room divider. They’re especially good for open concept rooms, or even to section off temporary home offices, for those of us stuck doing computer work at the kitchen table!  

driftwood plant hanger

Now that you’ve been presented with all these cunning solutions for plant storage, you’re probably itching to add a few new members to your plant family. Salisbury has tons of new houseplants that are ready to go home, and if you have any questions about their care and requirements, our experts will be happy to fill you in!

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