Salisbury Greenhouse | Your Guide to Taking Care of Your Houseplant in the Winter
Salisbury Greenhouse | Water less often, with less water Over-watering is the easiest way to kill your plant with kindness. Check 1-2 inches below the surface and only water once it’s dry. Use room temperature water to avoid shock.
Salisbury Greenhouse | Plants hibernate, too! Your plant did lots of growth in the summer and now it needs a rest. Do not fertilize until you see new growth in the springtime. Exceptions include winter-flowering plants, such as orchids and African violets.
Salisbury Greenhouse | Keep the temperature stable Cold windows and hot radiators are not friendswith houseplants. Keep your plants where the temperature is relatively stable.
Salisbury Greenhouse | Now is not the time for change Your plant needs to have a good rest, so don’t disturb its slumber! Wait to re-pot in the spring or summer.
Salisbury Greenhouse | Keep it humid Use a humidifier, mister, or a shallow pebble tray to keep the air around your plant humid. Group plants together to help create a humidity bubble!
Salisbury Greenhouse | Sunlight is sacred Maximize the sunlight for your plant with frequent ¼ rotations and a regular dusting of plant leaves. Wash your windows, use grow lights, and move your plant to a sunnier spot to keep it happy.
Salisbury Greenhouse | Let your houseplant rest Remove dead or yellow foliage, but leave the green stuff alone—pruning green leaves will trigger growth and your plant deserves a nap after the summer!

Houseplant Makeover

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