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Garden trends forecast

Garden Trends Forecast for 2021

The global gardening community grew drastically in 2020, and we’re heading into 2021 with some exciting trends in the forecast. All those beginner gardeners last year, with a little more experience under their belts, are

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Weird Gardening Trends

The Top 7 Weirdest Gardening Trends Of 2019

Anybody who thinks gardening is boring clearly hasn’t scrolled through social media lately””it’s an endless sea of the weirdest gardening trends! I’ve always been into exploring the latest out-of-the-box, experimental design concepts for gardens in

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Top 5 Plant Styling Trends

Top 5 Plant Styling Trends

With an endless sea of decor inspiration accounts to be found on Instagram and Pinterest, there always seems to be a wave of new house plant styling trends sweeping across Edmonton. Some trends have clearly

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Top New Annuals 2018

Top New Annuals 2018 By Rob Sproule Pink Sky Petunia Can-Can Bumbelbee Pink Lantana Luscious Royale Cosmo “In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.” – Kozuko Okakura Petunia “Sky Pink”: If Han Solo

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Container Gardening Terracotta Succulents

Container Gardening Trends

Container Gardening Trends By Rob Sproule Colour of the Year Water Garden Containers Succulents Galore “The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Gardening is, at once, unchanging, yet always in motion. The essentials

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Trends â…— – Decluttering the Garden

Photo:  from Marchand’s Yard, Container Garden winner from the Salisbury Yards, Contest 2017 Gardening Trends â…—  –  Decluttering the Garden By: Rob Sproule Marie Kondo’s Method De-Cluttering the Garden Back to Balance “The best way

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3 split image of succulents and cacti | Salisbury greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Top 3 Gardening Trends 2015

Top 3 Gardening Trends 2015   by Rob Sproule Few things are more fundamental to the human experience than putting a seed in the earth and nurturing it to maturity. While the essentials of gardening

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Miniature Fairy Garden | Salisbury Greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Top 3 Gardening Trends for 2014

Top 3 Gardening Trends for 2014 by Rob Sproule While the beautiful essentials of gardening never change, the specific, cutting edge ways we tap into them are always shifting. A gardening trend happens when savvy

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