6 Trendy Pet-Friendly Houseplants To Get In 2021

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Are you looking for pet-friendly houseplants but want something with a little flair to perk up your surroundings in 2021? Spider plants and Boston ferns are nice, and all, but they’re a little, well”¦ “basic.” We put together this list of pet-friendly houseplants that are a bit out of the ordinary but totally on-trend. They’ll add some visual interest and personality to your space without posing a threat to your four-legged fam.    

6 Houseplants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Whether you’re looking for cat-friendly indoor plants or houseplants safe for dogs, these 6 stunners are safe for both.

Staghorn Fern

Antlers seem to have really exploded in the world of interior design! Whether it’s printed antler motifs on fabric cushions, deer depicted in modern art, or just literal antlers on the wall, antler decor hits that sweet spot between rustic and modern. Get the look with the aptly named staghorn fern! These antler-shaped plants are epiphytic, so you can mount them to a wood plaque on the wall just like the real thing!

Some folks are a bit unsure of how to water this plant””especially when it’s mounted to a plaque. Essentially, all you need to do is mist it regularly and soak the root ball in water for a few minutes every 1″“2 weeks. You can also just put the plaque directly in the sink and let the water run through the root ball from the tap on a gentle setting.    

staghorn fern and hoya carnosa

Hoya Carnosa

With the glossiest dark green leaves, soft pink and white flower clusters, and elegant trailing stems, the hoya carnosa is quite a sight to behold. If your cat or dog gets mesmerized by its glossy leaves and goes in for a chomp, don’t worry””this pet-friendly houseplant is totally non-toxic.  

This vining succulent used to be considered a bit old fashioned, but just like high-waisted mom jeans, it’s making a major comeback among Millennials. The long trailing stems are perfect for twisting around wire trellises””so pretty! Hoop trellises are super trendy right now, and they show off this hoya’s cute pink flower clusters so perfectly.  

Calathea Dottie

The black and pink colour scheme on Calathea Dottie is kind of giving us 2004 vibes, but like, in a good way. This plant is trendier than Regina George and more colourful than a rhinestone-encrusted Motorola flip phone. Its serving looks 24/7 as it constantly changes positions and strikes new poses with the shifting sunlight levels.  

Calatheas do best with consistently moist soil. However, they hate to sit in stagnant water (gross), so make sure there are holes in the container. Indirect sunlight is best””not too bright, not too dim. If the air in your home is super dry, it will help to mist your plant occasionally. You can also bring it into the bathroom with you when you take a shower””this tropical plant loves the steam!          

calathea and peperomia


The peperomia family is full of cute and colourful varieties you’ll be eager to bring home. Their waxy, shiny leaves have earned it the nickname “mini rubber plant,” but unlike common rubber trees, peperomias are totally pet-friendly houseplants. They stay nice and small, so they’re great for your desk””especially if you’ve got a cat that likes to act as a personal assistant whenever you’re doing desk work. I think all cat owners can relate, really.

If you love the trendy look of variegated houseplants, there are peperomias with beautiful bicoloured leaves! There’s even a variety called peperomia watermelon, with round striped leaves that look just like mini melons. They’re super tough too, so if you’ve got a rambunctious pup that tends to knock your plants over, your peperomia will come out unharmed.


The ever-popular aloe plant is super toxic to cats and dogs, so we think the haworthia is a perfect replacement! This pet-friendly houseplant has those spiky succulent leaves that stick straight up just like aloe, but with so many different colour varieties. Some have bold zebra stripes, and others have plump leaves that look like little pillows.  

Pop a little haworthia into a mini pot to brighten up your desk or shelf, or arrange different varieties all together for your own custom-designed planter! With so many to choose from, you can really play around with textures and contrasting shapes. Make sure the container has drainage holes because this succulent does not like wet feet!

haworthia and burros tail

Burro’s Tail

One of the biggest plant trends I’ve been seeing is plant pots with a face, so the plant leaves look like hair. The burro’s tail is pretty much the ideal plant for these quirky planters! The long ropes of succulent leaves look just like dreadlocks. And if your Lhasa Apso gets jealous of your plant’s voluminous hairstyle and challenges it to a duel, your pup will remain unharmed.  

Cute, cartoonish face planters work great with burro’s tail, but even realistic, sculptural face planters work too! They look just like an ancient Roman sculpture of Medusa. Burro’s tail is also quite stunning in hanging baskets””a great solution for keeping it out of reach from jumping cats.  


Want to pick up some pet-safe plants for your home? We’ve got so much to choose from at Salisbury””we’ve even got low light pet-friendly houseplants for sale! Visit us to browse our plant shop soon and see what’s in stock for spring 2021.

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