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This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Poinsettia Collection: 2020 Colour Varieties

2020 Poinsettia Colour Varieties main sherwood park salisbury greenhouse

If you thought poinsettia colour varieties were limited to just plain red, white and pink, think again! There’s a crazy amount of new poinsettia styles available, with splashes and sparkles of all sorts of different holiday colour combos, crankin’ up the Christmas cheer levels to 10. 

The Best New Poinsettia Colour Varieties 

One of my favourite things about houseplants is that there are always incredible new hybrids and colour varieties bursting onto the scene. With poinsettia arrangements, you’ve got endless potential for beautiful displays when there’s so many diverse styles to pair together. Here are some of the standouts from our collection this year.

Red Poinsettia Plants

If all those holiday Hallmark movies got you feelin’ some kinda way, bring on the romance and drama with these rich red poinsettia plants.

Christmas Feelings

We are most definitely catching feelings for this award winning, European beauty with neon red bracts that grow lush and large.  

Prestige Early Red

This variety has suddenly become an incredibly popular holiday gift plant due to its fuller volume, making it a favorite for baskets and centrepieces. 

Mirage Red

This small-sized poinsettia has vibrant, true red bracts that contrast beautifully with subtle, grey-green leaves. 

red poinsettias
Pictured: Premium Red (left) and Winter Rose (right)

Cortez Burgundy

For a deeper, dramatic wine coloured variety that pairs beautifully with gold or navy, definitely opt for this burgundy bombshell. 

Winter Rose Red

We’re low-key obsessed with the luscious, ruffled bracts on this gorgeous, non-traditional variety that looks more like a rose or a peony.  

Valentine Red

Another ruffly, rosy variety, Valentine has super dark green, curly foliage for even more dramatic texture. Swoon!

White Poinsettia Plants

There’s something so satisfyingly simple about a clean white poinsettia. Plus, everything goes with white, so it’s a great idea to grab some of the more vanilla varieties to balance out the bold, statement styles. 


If, like me and countless other parents, you’ve got an Elsa-obsessed daughter that just won’t “let it go,” this icy white variety will definitely be a hit at home. 

Bravo White

For an antique look that’s more rustic and boho, Bravo White will bring the woodland vibes with its tea-stained ivory bracts. 

Premium White

This early bird begins flowering right at the start of the season, and it actually has faint ribbons of light green throughout. 

white poinsettias
Pictured: Alpina White (left) and Premium White (right)

J’adore White Pearl

Coco Chanel would gladly clutch this pearlescent white beauty that truly gleams under the light. Place it near the lit-up Christmas tree for extra opulence. 

Alpina White

The snow white Alpina is about as crisp and cool as it gets! Pair with other cool tones like purplish reds and hot pinks for high-impact contrast. 


It’s the shape of the foliage that really stuns on this elegant variety! The leaves are lobed like you’d see on an oak tree, tapering to a slender point on each end, fanning out beautifully. They look especially pretty when paired with marbled varieties. 


A true white that’s perfectly neutral and goes with anything, but it has the most wow-factor when you pair it up with solid reds and pinks. 

Pink Poinsettia Plants

Rose tint your world with these candy coloured marvels in a stunning assortment of sugary sweet hues. 

Polly’s Pink

You’ll be dreaming of the tropics when you feast your eyes on this exotic hot pink shade that really pops against its dark green foliage. 


A richer, warmer blush pink with a bit of a ruffle, that looks utterly lovely next to pastels, purples, or other deep pinks. 

J’Adore Pink

We love this romantic Parisian pink that’s so vibrant it practically glows. It’s a bit bigger than average, with thick sturdy stems that help it last long through the winter. 

pink poinsettias
Pictured: Princietta Dark Pink (left) and Polly’s Pink (right)

J’Adore Soft Pink

This delicate ballerina pink is absolutely adorable””we can’t get enough of it! It’s subtle and dreamy with just enough of a rosy tint to sweeten the scenery at home. 

Princettia Dark Pink

I’m pretty sure Barbie drove a convertible car in this ultra-saturated purplish pink. It has incredible blue-green leaves and it doesn’t grow very tall, so it’s one of our favourites for centrepiece arrangements. 


A juicy peach pink shade with a lovely cream coloured trim! Put it in a metallic gold pot for a beautiful, sunset glow that warms up the room.

Christmas Feelings Pink

Smaller in size, but big on color! This feminine pink tone looks fit for a princess, and makes a great accent piece for side tables and floating shelves. 

Fancy Poinsettia Plants

Alright, we’re bringing out the big guns. I never thought I’d describe a poinsettia as “totally rad,” but here we are. You’re gonna love these technicolor beauties. 

Candy Wintergreen

How about an electric lemon-lime shade to shake things up?! This novelty poinsettia brings 80s pop punk vibes (though it’s name sounds a bit more fitting for a drag queen). 


Strawberry pink petals with a vanilla trim and deep wintergreen leaves look good enough to eat””though, we would advise against tasting it. 

Christmas Beauty Marble

This high-impact marbled beauty has the most saturated colour of any multi-coloured variety. The magenta pink really pops!

Premium Marble

An ethereal, angelic pastel marble that just couldn’t possibly be sweeter. If you love rose gold decor and accessories, this fancy gal will make a great match. 

fancy poinsettias
Pictured: Superba Glitter (left) and Viking Cinnamon (right)

Superba Glitter

Wow! The blazing red bracts on this poinsettia look like Jackson Pollock came at them with a can of white paint. 

Sonora Red Glitter

Another paint splatter variety, this Salisbury All-Star boasts a cool, deep cranberry red, crisp white speckles, and lobed oak-shaped leaves with dark marbling.  

Jubilee Jingle Bells

There’s no other poinsettia quite like this red-and-pink spotted variety, for subtle colour contrast with tons of dimension and depth.

Viking Cinnamon

Spicy! This pinkish-orange plant has an interesting rough texture, kind of like a cinnamon stick, and it’s super cold-resistant, so you can keep it near windows or drafty entrances. 

Christmas Beauty Princess

A watercolour paint effect decorates pinkish red bracts swirled with blush pink and paper white, nestled in a bed of dark green leaves. 

Ice Crystal

It almost appears like a white poinsettia was airbrushed with red paint along the edges! The subtle spotted spray paint effect looks really cool, and has an edgy look when paired up with Candy Wintergreen. 

tapestry poinsettia
Pictured: Tapestry


Just like an ornate tapestry you’d see in a gallery, this breathtaking cultivar has variegated leaves threaded with jade, mint, cream and red. 

Tricolour Poinsettia

Can’t decide between red, pink or white? Get the tricolour poinsettia so you can enjoy all three on a lush mound of cool green foliage. 
There’s still so many other styles to discover in store at Salisbury Greenhouse in Alberta, as well as countless other winter plants and fresh evergreen decor pieces. Visit us soon to get your in time for Christmas and Hanukkah!


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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