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Category: Winter

Plant Therapy and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter. There’s a reason why folks call it bleak. Despite all the holiday festivities and winter activities, winter can actually induce depression in around 2 million Canadians every year! In fact, 10% of all depression cases are attributed to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D. So with stats like that, what are we poor Canucks to do?

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transitioning holiday decor

Transitioning Holiday Decor to Winter

The excitement of Christmas starts well before Halloween and the hype continues right up to the actual day. Decorating for the anticipation of holiday parties, family gatherings, and simple, self-satisfying enjoyment can be a task few interior designers dare to tackle. But as the saying goes: “˜Tis the season! And I hope you hung that holly with full-fledged vigor, strung the popcorn garland while taste testing each row, and set the lights to twinkle all night long.

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Christmas Folk

Christmas Folk Tales

With all the traditions we have around Christmas, there’s bound to be a few fascinating origin stories from cultures much older than our own. For example, if you look up the origin of Christmas trees, you’ll find versions from countries all over the world claiming to take ownership – even ancient Egypt. While we may never know exactly where our favourite holiday traditions actually come from – unless we finally manage to perfect a time machine – it’s incredible to see the amazing stories from across the world and the lessons they all impress upon us. Here are a few of my favourites

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Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees Truly Live Christmas Trees Bringing Home and Living Christmas Tree After the Holidays Living Tree Tips “The answer to all your holiday tree-related woes!” When it comes to Christmas trees, the classic

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DIY Whoville Tree

DIY Whoville Tree What You’ll Need Prepping Your Station Creating Your Whoville Tree The Finishing Touches “Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot”¦” – How the Grinch Stole Christmas Sure, our traditional Christmas

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Houseplants in the Winter

Houseplants in the Winter By Rob Sproule Less Light = Less Water Dry Air Beware the Draft “Say aloe to my little friend.” – Scarface? Less Light = Less Water: Feeling sluggish? Light levels plummet

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Top 3 Herbs for the Holidays

Top 3 Herbs for the Holidays By Rob Sproule Rosemary Sage Peppermint Christmas is a feast for the senses. Its sights, sounds, tastes, and smells make it singularly special. But while we know what Christmas

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Re-Imagining the Poinsettia

Re-Imagining Poinsettias by Rob Sproule Every December the world turns red. Everywhere we look it’s a cacophony of Christmas bows, lights, inflatable Santas and, of course, poinsettias on every shelf. The humble red flower plucked

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Winterizing Made Easy

  Winterizing Made Easy by Rob Sproule Months ago I read something that stuck in my brain like old gum. While young people (under 40 in this case) love gardening more than standard “hell-in-a-handbasket” hype

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Boston Fern Hanging Basket Salisbury Greenhouse St. Albert Sherwood Park Edmonton

Fighting Depression with Plants

Fighting Depression with Plants by Rob Sproule The Winter Blues Plants and Mood Indoor Lighting We’ve so surrounded and saturated ourselves with technology that it’s a humbling reminder how much our moods depend on a

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Hanging Holiday Green Basket | Salisbury Greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

History of Holiday Greens

History of Holiday Greens by Rob Sproule If there is any truth in the expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” it may help to explain the intensity of the love affair that we Albertans

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Snow covered chairs, Winter | | Salisbury Greenhouse, St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Winterizing Chores Made Easy

Winterizing Chores Made Easy by Rob Sproule Winterizing your Pots Winterizing the Lawn Watering When it comes to gardening chores, there are “should” do’s and “can” do’s.   “Should” do’s are often a massive list

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Evergreen, Trees, Frost | Salisbury Greenhouse, St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Fresh Christmas Greens

The Basics of Fresh Evergreen Boughs by Rob Sproule,   Scent is the most intimate of human senses.   A soothing scent can bring back tender memories and instantly comfort us.   In the garden,

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