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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide To Potted Plants

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to Potted Plants main

This year, keep your holiday gift-giving hassle-free by following this nifty guide to potted Christmas flowers and plants for everyone on your list. Skip the mile-long lineups and claustrophobia-inducing, crowded shopping malls, and shop for some fresh new houseplant gifts in Edmonton-based stores like Salisbury. A beautiful new plant is the perfect gift that keeps on giving! Okay, maybe we’re a little biased””but seriously, a fresh new plant is way more thoughtful than another novelty Santa tie or a cat calendar. Check out Salisbury’s gift guide for everyone from your wacky aunt Linda, to your grumpy boss, and everyone in between. 

A Holiday Guide To Plants For Everyone On Your List This Year

One thing’s for sure: Christmas plant gifts aren’t gonna end up in an old Rubbermaid bin in the garage, or re-gifted over and over for eternity. Everybody could use a little extra greenery in their home or their office space, and we’ve got just the perfect plant for anyone and everyone on your shopping list.

For Your Sweetie Pie: Red Anthurium

This flowering plant has a sweet, romantic vibe to it, with its glossy, red, heart-shaped, single-petal flowers. The vibrant green leaves and bold yellow stamens are quite distinctive, making for a memorable present that your loved one will most definitely appreciate. Indirect sunlight from a window and moderate watering with bi-monthly fertilization will help your anthurium last for years and years to come, just like your love. (Awwwww!)  

For Mama Bear: Peace Lily

All those hard-working moms out there could use a little extra peace and serenity in their lives, so the peace lily is a perfect choice! Not only are its sleek, white flowers incredibly elegant, but it also has phenomenal air-purifying properties to help keep the home free of dust and airborne toxins. The neutral colour palette will jive with whatever kind of decor she’s got going on at home, so she’ll proudly display this flower up on the mantle. 

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to Potted Plants anthurium peace lily spider plant monstera adansonii

For Dear Old Dad: Spider Plant

Dad will get a kick out of this nifty, NASA-approved specimen, known for its ability to produce tons of little spider “babies” that can be plucked off and grown into new separate plants. NASA puts them on their spaceships to keep the air clean and dust-free, so tell Dad to put one in his office, garage, or the ol’ basement man-cave to keep things fresh. 

For Your Bestie: Monstera Adansonii

Monstera deliciosa is trending hard right now, but let’s face it: they can get kind of huge. This smaller variety, Monstera adansonii, has those same, distinctive Swiss cheese leaves, but in a nice and compact size, so there are way more options for where to place it. Pick out a cute pot in their favourite colour for an awesome present that’s perfectly Instagrammable. 

For Your Eccentric Aunt: Frizzle Sizzle Plant 

There’s one in every family: that aunt who dresses like a fortune teller, with a peculiar number of wind chimes on her porch, and a minimum of three cats. She’s a real hoot at family parties, especially after a few mugs of spiked eggnog. She’ll be thrilled by the wacky, spiralling stems of the frizzle sizzle””you’d swear it jumped off the page of a Dr. Seuss book! 

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to Potted Plants frizzle sizzle burro's tail succulent

For Your Teenage Niece or Nephew: Burro’s Tail

This delightfully weird succulent has long, trailing tendrils made up of clustered, plump little leaves. They kind of look like dreadlocks! Find one of those funny pots with a face on it, place a burro’s tail inside, and even the most stoic, cool-as-ice teenager won’t be able to resist cracking a smile. They look awesome on floating wall shelves, so their leaves can grow nice and long, spilling down the sides.  

For The Budding Gardener: African Violet

Okay, so last year’s goldfish only lasted a week and ended in a tearful goodbye as it got flushed down the porcelain highway. This year, give junior something they can take care of with way less of a chance of colossal failure: the ultra-cute and mostly-low-maintenance African violet! Its bright purple petals fuzzy leaves are downright adorable. Print out some care instructions to make it easy for them to follow: place it on a windowsill, water once a week, and rotate the plant a couple of inches each time it gets watered, so it gets an even amount of sunshine. It’s just the right amount of responsibility for a kid to manage without being too, um, sad to throw away.  

For Your Hard-To-Buy-For Mother-in-Law: Sansevieria

I mean, it’s also called Mother-in-Law’s tongue, so you could say this is the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift. If she’s in on the joke, you can all have a good laugh, and if she doesn’t clue in, chances are she’ll still love it. Plus, these Christmas plants are some of the easiest to take care of, and barely need any sun, so she’ll have no trouble finding a spot to place it in her home. 

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to Potted Plants african violet sansevieria snake plant echeveria succulent

For Your Kid’s Teacher: Echeveria

Skip the box of chocolates or “World’s Greatest Teacher” plaque””remember, they get gifts from students every single year, so it’s best if you think outside the box and get them something a little more creative. This low-maintenance succulent will be right at home on the teacher’s desk, plus, the kids in class will love watching it sprout long “arms,” revealing little pink flowers that pop up as they stretch up and grow””sometimes as many as 30 on one stem! 

For Your Grumpy Boss: Red Flowering Christmas Cactus

Just like a cactus, your boss may be a bit prickly at times. Nonetheless, they’re bound to enjoy the bright, festive pops of red that blossom from this holiday classic. Christmas cacti continue to bloom for several weeks throughout the winter with the help of some regular misting, so toss in a little spritz bottle to make it easy.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to Potted Plants christmas cactus zz plant

For That Coworker You Got For Secret Santa Who You Barely Know: ZZ Plant

Wait, Harold from accounting? He still works here? I thought he retired three years ago! Oops…Well, with zero knowledge of his experience in keeping houseplants alive, the ZZ is a foolproof option. They thrive on next-to-no sunlight and infrequent watering. They’re also pretty cool looking without being too weird or overly flashy, so chances are your new best buddy Harold will dig it. 

This holiday season, make Salisbury your one-stop-shop for everyone on your Christmas list. We’ve got an endless assortment of houseplants, plus so many more unique and creative presents, from clothing and jewelry, to garden art, and all sorts of novelty items and peculiar knick-knacks. Visit us at the greenhouse, and one of our experts will gladly show you all the fantastic gifts we have to offer. 


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