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9 Awesome Gifts For The Gardeners In Your Life

9 Awesome Gift for the Gardeners in Your Life main

If you’ve got some gardeners in your life that you need to buy gifts for this year, look no further than Salisbury for all the latest gardener swag. With spring just around the corner ““ or at least that’s wha

t I like to tell myself ““ any gardener would be mighty pleased to receive some new tools, gear, or other gardening gifts, so they’re all set to get trowellin’ as soon as the snow melts. If you need some ideas, here’s a quick list of our top Edmonton gardener gifts your plant-obsessed friends and family will love. 

The Best Gifts For Gardeners This Holiday Season

Whether you’re looking for something practical, something pretty, or a bit of column A and column B, these gardener gifts are guaranteed to please. 

Kitchen Herb Garden Kit 

You can’t beat the flavour of freshly picked herbs, and having them in the kitchen just an arm’s length away from the stove is pretty dang useful. Plus, the beauty of a kitchen herb garden is that you can grow them year-round, so if you’ve got a gardener pal who’s antsy to get their hands back in the dirt, an indoor herb planter kit will help them get their gardening fix. To make the most of your space without cluttering your kitchen, you can get a window planter kit with bars that run crosswise so you can have multiple rows of hanging pots.  

9 Awesome Gift for the Gardeners in Your Life personalized garden stones

Personalized Garden Stones 

If you’re a crafty type who likes to make DIY gifts, why not try your hand at painting some garden stones? Handmade gifts are always extra special, and an afternoon of painting is definitely a lot more fun than navigating through crowds at the mall. Browse through social media to see if you can find any inspiration for colour palettes or motifs that your gardener pals will like. Take a peek at their yard to see what kind of colours and vibes they have going on, and try to create something that jives well with their style. 

Garden Tool Kit

Any gardener would much appreciate the convenience of a full set of gardener tools in one organized kit. While it’s one of the more practical gifts on this list, you can still have some fun picking one out, since a lot of them are available in cool colours and decorative patterns””especially floral prints! 

Hanging Glass Terrariums

These are undoubtedly the “˜it’ planters of the year, taking over Instagram with their modern designs and minimalist aesthetic. They’re ultra easy to style in any room””try a simple glass planter with one air plant inside or some succulents nestled in peat moss has that effortlessly cool look that can tie a room together. Most glass terrariums are round, but lately, I’ve seen some neat 3D geometric shaped terrariums that would make for some seriously cool gardening gifts. They’d even make decent gifts for the not-so-great gardeners out there, as they look amazing when filled with dried flowers.

9 Awesome Gift for the Gardeners in Your Life gardener gifts

Gear for Gardeners 

A fun gardening apron, a hat, and a set of gloves will get tons of use by your gardener friends. There are loads of different fabric prints to choose from””from simple, to glam, to downright wacky. Truthfully, I think my Star Wars-themed gardening gloves really capture my personality. Get a cat-print apron for Aunt Debbie, or some hot dog-printed gloves for cousin Derek, and a plain white gardener hat for your sister’s dreadfully uninteresting boyfriend. What’s his name again? Carl? Some gardening accessories might interest him too!

If you have any gardener friends who are into the more heavy-duty stuff, like tree planting and rosebush pruning, you’ll probably want to get some gloves that are tougher and more durable, so they don’t wear out too quickly or get punctured by thorns.     

Succulent Planter 

Another to add to the list of awesome indoor gardening gifts, a succulent planter is a totally on-trend display that’s easy to care for, and so dang gorgeous. You can buy one pre-assembled, but if you’d really like to go all out, try making one yourself! Look up some tutorials online, or join one of our workshops here at Salisbury. You can get creative with what you plant them in””window frames, vintage birdcages, and fancy old jewelry boxes all make excellent succulent containers. 

Garden Art

Art isn’t just for hanging on the walls! There are so many different forms of outdoor garden art that can transform the landscape. Glass gazing balls, wind spinners, garden gnomes, statuettes, and even decorative bird baths or fountains make fantastic gifts for an artsy gardener friend. We’ve got a massive selection at the greenhouse, from sleek and modern garden art to more kitschy and cute novelty stuff. 

9 Awesome Gift for the Gardeners in Your Life wind spinner garden art birdhouse

Bird Feeders

There’s nothing like relaxing in the yard and watching wild birds flutter around the yard, sipping on flower nectar or munching on berries. In the winter, when food is scarce, the birds will genuinely appreciate having a consistent food source, and your gardener friends will love getting to watch all the colourful wildlife passing through. You can even get special feeders designed especially for hummingbirds, in a bright red colour that attracts them like moths to a flame, or me to a pizza. Try to find a squirrel-proof feeder, so those greedy guys don’t end up hogging all the snacks. 

And When All Else Fails”¦Gift Cards!

Everyone’s got that one impossible-to-buy-for person in their family, and gift cards are always good gifts for those people. We can issue gift cards in whatever denomination you need, and if you want to make it a little more special by tucking it into a small potted plant, we can help you find a nice accompaniment to make the present feel a little more personalized.  

On top of our incredible selection in the greenhouse, we’ve got a fashion boutique, too, so you’ve got plenty of options for gifts in one convenient location. If you’re not super confident in your gift-selecting skills, don’t sweat it! Our greenhouse staff will be happy to help you pick out some creative and memorable gifts for the upcoming holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Live Long and Prosper!


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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