Flowering Shrubs for Cut Flowers

For centuries, gardeners have been cutting their flowers to enjoy them inside. And why shouldn’t we? After all the time and effort we put into our beautiful plants, we want to enjoy their stunning looks every way possible. Cutting flowers can come from plants of all sorts and some of the most iconic cut flowers actually come from shrubs. Here are some of the best flowering shrubs for cut flowers.


By far the most beloved cut flower in the world is the rose. A symbol of everlasting love and friendship, they are a classic gesture of romance and affection. They are also one of the most diverse species of plants, with varieties that come in a wide array of shapes, colours, sizes, hardiness, and care needs. 

With all the species and varieties available, each rose will have specific care needs that should be followed. For general rose care,though, they typically need at least 6 hours of sun every day. They prefer rich and well-draining soils with a little mulch on top. Usually, you will want to provide a couple of deep waterings every week and check them regularly for pests. Prune just before blooming season to encourage new growth.


These sensational shrubs produce some of the most amazing flowers for cutting. The globes of gorgeous, bountiful blooms simply burst with colour and personality. They also add an element of fun and surprise in a garden – giving you a chance to play scientist. With just a little bit of chemistry, you can even change the colours of your blooms!

To grow your own, plant somewhere they will get full sun throughout the morning with more dappled sun throughout the afternoon. You’ll also want to make sure this spot is nice and sheltered from any strong winds. Plant in a rich soil and mulch to help retain moisture on dry days. Keep the soil nice and moist while blooming and prune right after blooming to promote growth next year. When cutting these flowers, make sure to wait until they are fully open so they will last longest.


Lilacs are renowned for their fabulous fragrance and pretty plumes of little blooms. While most famous for their namesake purple colour, they also come in a wide array of hues to delight in a garden. They make an excellent choice for cut flowers in a vase arrangement that has plenty of access to water.

To grow your own, plant in full sun with rich and well-draining soil. They like moisture, but not wet feet, so mulch to help retain moisture, rather than drowning them. Prune them yearly after they bloom to encourage budding. Cut them when the blooms of a plume are half opened for longest lasting results.


Azaleas are a variety of Rhododendron that are just drop-dead gorgeous. The breathtaking clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers are unlike any other, full of personality and life. They are most famously known for their purple and pink flowers, but you can find them in many other colours, as well. 

To grow your own, ensure they have well-draining, acidic soil to start. Without enough acid, they tend to suffer from a yellowing leaf habit known as Chlorosis. Plant them in dappled sunlight where they are sheltered from strong winds. Mulch to prevent weeds and retain moisture and water during dry spells or if the leaves begin to curl. Feed the soil yearly with a high-acid fertilizer, like Miracle Gro and prune right after blooming ends.


Just as the name implies, these flowers aren’t oranges, but they mock them. The little white flowers look almost identical to orange blossoms. They even release a deliciously citrusy fragrance that butterflies just love. They only bloom for a short period, but even the moody, dark green foliage can be used in cuttings for accenting.

To grow Mockorange, plant in full sun to partial shade with a well-draining soil supplemented with compost. Keep the soil moist while the shrub is first establishing, but enjoy the low-maintenance watering needs this plant will have later in life. Prune every year just after blooming and you can enjoy these lovely blooms for years to come.

Despite one of the most popular cut flowers being from a shrub, these types of plants are often overlooked in the world of cut flowers. With flowers just beautiful as perennials and annuals, though, they really shouldn’t be. Simply cut early in the morning and trim to size on a 45 ° angle, and you can enjoy their lovely, shrubby aesthetic in the house, too!


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