The 3 Best Tropical Palms To Cure The Winter Blues

the 3 best tropical palms to cure the winter blues main

Bring on the tropical vibes and bid farewell to the winter blues with these three gorgeous palms you can grow as indoor plants! Growing tropical foliage plants at home will instantly revitalize your space and transport you back to your last beachy vacation. They’re just the thing to help you get past that icky, blah feeling that creeps up after months of grey skies and snow drifts. 

While not all tropical plants are cut out for indoor living during an Alberta winter, there are certainly a few that are up to the challenge. Palm trees are trademark tropical plants, but a few varieties are tough enough to thrive here, despite our limited daylight hours. Palms never go out of style, so adding a few into your living space will instantly update your home’s aesthetic. If you’re wanting to grow some of these popular tropical plants in Edmonton, these indoor palms should fit the bill. Here are the three best indoor tropical palms to incorporate into your decor this winter!

Palms: The Best Tropical Plants To Brighten Up Your Winter 

There’s something about palm fronds that can instantly transport you to the beach””it’s no wonder they’re showing up on everything, from clothing, to wallpaper, to shower curtains, and pretty much any home decor accessory imaginable. If the printed motifs aren’t cutting it and you need the real deal, check out our three favourite indoor tropical palm plants that you can get here at Salisbury:  

the 3 best tropical palms to cure the winter blues majesty palm

Majesty Palm: As the name suggests, this palm tree has a regal air of grandeur that’s, dare I say, boujee. Its neutral grey trunk and elegant arching leaves will complement a modern decor palette without looking overly showy, which is impressive considering its size. While they can grow pretty huge in the wild, they are very slow growers, so it’s easy to keep your majesty palm to a manageable size if kept  indoors. 

Though these tropical plants are accustomed to hot weather, this tough tree can withstand winter temperatures as cool as 0 °C and can tolerate sun or shade, so you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping it alive in your living room. Try to pick a milder winter day to bring it home, so it doesn’t get too chilly on the commute.  

Parlor Palm: With a maximum height of four feet, parlor palms are highly popular tropical plants for apartment dwellers and those with limited extra space. They do best in low light and might end up getting scorched if exposed to too much direct sunshine. Instead of placing them directly by a sunny window, try to give them a bit more space so they just catch a little bit of morning or afternoon sun.   

Because of their upright growing habit and tolerance to crowded containers, it’s recommended to grow multiple parlor palms in one container for a fuller display. You’ll just need to fertilize a little more often””around once every month or two””so the soil doesn’t get totally depleted of nutrients. You don’t need to water your parlor palm too much, either. It’s much more tolerant to dry conditions than soggy ones, so resist the urge to overwater, and always check to see if the top few inches of soil are dried out before watering again. Reduce the frequency of watering and fertilizer applications over the winter, as your palm will be entering a dormancy phase during this time and doesn’t need the extra fuel.  

Fan Palm: The distinct, fan shaped leaves of these spectacular tropical plants never fail to impress. Placing one of these statement plants in your home will be an instant mood-booster each time you come inside from the winter air””a little less “chilly Edmonton “˜burbs,” and a little more “sunny Mediterranean beach.”

The European fan palm can handle cold winter temperatures without throwing a fit, up to 10 degrees below freezing! That’s better than most adults I know. They aren’t big water guzzlers either, so they’re pretty low-maintenance overall. Fan palms can survive in partial sun, but won’t scorch in direct sunlight like many other tropical plants accustomed to the shady conditions of the rainforest. If you have a lot of natural light streaming in, these versatile plants should do just fine from spring through winter.  

the 3 best tropical palms to cure the winter blues fan palm
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If you’re on the lookout for an easy way to add a fun, carefree vibe to your home, try bringing the beauty of a tropical island getaway into your living room! The winter blues don’t stand a chance against an explosion of vibrant greenery, and their air-purifying benefits are a huge bonus. We spend so much extra time indoors during the winter, so having some indoor plants to clean up the CO2 and pump out fresh oxygen can have such a positive impact on your mood.

Come visit Salisbury Greenhouse, and we’ll gladly help you pick out some trendy new plants to transform your living space into a mid-winter tropical vacation.

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