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Transitioning Holiday Decor to Winter

Christmas presents under the tree and holiday decor living room

Transitioning Holiday Decor to Winter

Keep the Greens
Color Swap
Set the Mood
Reposition Houseplants

The excitement of Christmas starts well before Halloween and the hype continues right up to the actual day. Decorating for the anticipation of holiday parties, family gatherings, and simple, self-satisfying enjoyment can be a task few interior designers dare to tackle. But as the saying goes: “˜Tis the season! And I hope you hung that holly with full-fledged vigor, strung the popcorn garland while taste testing each row, and set the lights to twinkle all night long.

But just because the carolers stopped singing, doesn’t mean you have to strip your whole home of its festive cheer! To be honest, after all the presents have been opened, the eggnog downed, and Santa cookies are eaten, who has any energy left to redecorate, let alone leave the couch? It’s tough to muster, but I’ve got some ideas that might help the transition seem less daunting and maybe even slightly exciting.

Keep the Greens

The winter landscape is bleak and desolate all on its own. Keep some color in your home by repurposing the boughs of your Christmas tree into fragrant accents that last well into the New Year. Clip the most appealing branches to dangle from the mantle and settle them alongside your books on the bookshelf or arrange them for a winter bouquet in your favorite vase.

Color Swap

Replace the holly jolly hues of the season, with natural tones and textures that play up the fresh greens you just snipped from the Christmas tree. Add pre-lit branches to continue the evening ambiance and nestle the pinecones in a little tighter. Keep your wreath in its place, but strip it of any decorations — let the greenery speak for itself.

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Set the Mood

Hygge hibernation is this winter’s mantra — where chunky knit blankets are a living room’s necessity and Bergamot scented candles are forever aflame. Display your favorite novels on the coffee table (consider adding a few new ones) and prepare for a series of comfy, cozy evenings in and out of the cold.

Reposition Houseplants

I know you made way for your holiday decor by putting the houseplants on the backburner — literally. Bring “˜em back out, put them back on their pedestal and use my winter checklist to make sure they recoup in good form. If you are one of the fortunate few who kept their poinsettia looking pretty (well done!), maintain its festive flair with these quick tips.


Christmas can come in like a tidal wave. We go from casual, everyday business, to an overwhelming consumption of food, family and just life in general. Cleanse your living areas with a quick walkthrough. Box up decor that may not suit your style at the moment. Don’t throw it away — just tuck it away and save it for next year! Reflect on how the spaces within your house are utilized and consider a New Year refresh.

But do nothing – and I mean NOTHING – before you’ve had a chance to truly reflect on the season. Take in one long last view of the twinkling lights on your Christmas tree. Reminisce on the gathering of friends and family. And try not to step on any Legos!


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