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Aries season is here, but what exactly does that mean?

March 21st signals the transition from peaceful Pisces to the charging of the ram, and you’ll no doubt feel the energetic whoosh of this fiery zodiac sign! Aries, ruled by Mars and unmistakably the dynamo of the zodiac, takes charge until April 20th and has some pretty ambitious energy to share while it’s here. Thankfully, there are a few houseplants well-suited for this zodiac’s full-throttle fire sign, and whether you are an Aries or have one in your life, these might be the perfect plant companions you’re looking for!

THE Best Plants for Aries in the Edmonton Area

Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, likes to get things going. If you’re an Aries, you’re probably aware of your desire to be the best, have the most, defy the odds, and maybe cause a bit of heartache along the way. Aries is, after all, very aware of how awesome Aries is. But, when you really look at Aries’ energy in the zodiac, it’s just a sign that they really want to succeed, and we can all admire that kind of gusto! You can be sure of one thing when it comes to Aries: they will always dive in head-first, and ask questions later. Let’s take a look at some houseplants that might just align with Aries and complement that awesome go-get-’em attitude. 

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants for Aries-dracaena marginata


The Madagascar dragon tree has just the fire any Aries is going to love, and an energy of intimidation this zodiac sign is likely to envy. Eccentric, aggressive, and independent—the dragon tree knows it’s a nice-looking houseplant and can handle itself just fine, being full of spiky leaves and a handy drought-tolerance. Native to Africa and South Asia, dragon trees like it hot, so give this smouldering Aries houseplant lots of light to shine and plenty of warm summer days. Don’t let this houseplant sit in the direct Alberta sunlight, though, because even a fiery dragon can get burned!

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants for Aries-croton plant


Vibrant, bold, and slightly irritating, this beautiful zodiac houseplant is perfect for the fiery Aries. It can really be irritating, though, so be careful to watch pets and kids around this striking plant. Known for its splash of life in any home or garden, the croton is a great companion houseplant for the showy nature of Aries and demands an ‘all-eyes-on-me’ kind of life. Give this showstopper a warm place to bask in its beauty with plenty of bright, but indirect sunlight. 

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants for Aries-philodendron imperial red


Our next contender for the perfect Aries houseplant is the Imperial Red philodendron, a glorious, deep-red and dark green bushy plant that loves warm and humid environments. It’s a fairly hardy and tolerant houseplant, resembling the confident nature of the Aries personality, but it also has a certain level of toxicity if ingested. Many things in nature with red often send a signal of danger, which is why the Aries of the zodiac and this impressive tropical could be a match made in houseplant heaven!


A super-unique houseplant we think any Aries will love, the Swiss Cheese plant is brimming with personality! This perennial tropical native to Central and South America loves to climb and has an ambition akin to that of its zodiac counterpart. If you were to come across this plant in the wild, you would see its aerial roots pushing the plant onto a nearby tree to climb higher. Aries, too, always seems to find a way to upward growth but knows the value of a good support system. If you want to see this bad boy climb, give it a stake in the middle of the pot. The Monstera adansonii is also a fast-grower, meaning the high-drive and now, now, now Aries mindset will appreciate its ability to get the show on the road without too much trouble or waiting around. 

If you’ve got an Aries that needs a good houseplant buddy, or you’re buying one for yourself that you hope will jive with that exuberance of yours, come see us at Salisbury Greenhouse. Both our Sherwood Park and St. Albert locations have just what you need for your Aries zodiac houseplant needs in Alberta


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