Aquarius Season Houseplants

Aquarius season is here, but what exactly does that mean?

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Whether you’re an Aquarius yourself, or you live with one, you’re undoubtedly aware of the giant universe the mind of an Aquarius inhabits. Aquarius is an air sign represented by the water-bearer and ruled by the planet Uranus. As a result, this imaginative star sign is known for its big dreams and equally big ideas. For those born under other signs, it’s still easy to get caught up in the Aquarius frenzy, and many people tend to be more rebellious, eccentric, and forward-thinking in their day-to-day affairs during the season of the Aquarius. Thankfully, there are some fantastic houseplants that jive with the limitless mental functioning of the Aquarius, and we’ve got all the details! 

The Best Houseplants for Aquarius

If you happen to be an Aquarius, you’re in luck! These houseplants share the same qualities you know and love about yourself, making them the ideal additions to your home this season. Here are the best houseplants to buy right now if you’re an Aquarius, or if you simply want to try jiving with some high-spirited Aquarian energy:

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Plants for Aquarius-tillandsia


Aquarians aren’t always very fond of putting roots down, and neither is this houseplant! The Tillandsia, or air plant as it is more commonly known, is a fascinating houseplant that relies on the surrounding air for the water and nutrients that they absorb through trichomes on their leaves. With no need for soil, the air plant is a kindred spirit for the relaxed and non-conformist Aquarian who loves freedom above all else. Another reason these houseplants are great for the Aquarius is because of their funky appearance. Their unique colours and shapes are sure to stimulate the always curious Aquarius mind, and their ability to thrive with little care might be helpful for the overactive minds that often accompany this zodiac sign. 

To keep an air plant happy, simply submerge it in water every couple of weeks for about 20 minutes and provide it with bright, indirect light. As tropicals, air plants also aren’t fans of the cold, so keep them away from cold drafts. 

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Plants for Aquarius-syngonium


Another excellent houseplant to appease the Aquarian need for all things different is a Syngonium. With different varieties, colours, and mesmerizing foliage, these houseplants are a great fit for any Aquarius’ collection. The Red Heart or Pink Neon varieties are particularly excellent choices due to their stunning pink heart-shaped leaves. These “arrowhead” vining houseplants grow quickly and are low maintenance, both good qualities for the wandering Aquarius mind who doesn’t always want to hang around and wait for things to happen. Syngonium houseplants prefer medium to bright indirect light, along with humidity levels a wee bit higher than your average household levels, so keeping a humidifier close by or using a pebble tray with water will keep this little pink beauty quite happy! 

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Plants for Aquarius-philodendron cordatum


This Brazilian beauty is another top pick for the Aquarius in your life due to its exotic nature and flowing, vining appearance. Vining and climbing houseplants like this do well for Aquarians who admire the proverbial climb to the top—not in an ego sort of way, but in a way that signifies reaching for a higher spiritual attainment. The trailing heart-like leaves are also highly romantic and captivate the lofty ideals of the Aquarian dreamer.

The philodendron cordatum likes to dry out a bit before its next watering, so always check the soil about halfway down before soaking again. 

If you want to keep a consistent shape when vining, rotate your philodendron periodically to allow for even growth and light exposure. It’s also a good idea to dust off those lush leaves regularly to allow for proper photosynthesis.

You probably know at least one super independent, non-conforming Aquarius, and you should be thankful you do! They are the dreamers and the game-changers, and they totally deserve some really cool plants to keep them company while they plan to change the world. So, if you want to shop Aquarius houseplants in the Edmonton area, come by Salisbury Greenhouse today, and let’s talk zodiac plants!

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