Your Astrological Guide to Houseplants

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Astrology is making a comeback in a huge way thanks to digital apps like CoStar and those hilarious horoscope memes for roasting your friends. But, one thing we’ve yet to see is a solid guide to which houseplants align with each astrological sign. Naturally, we teamed up with our resident astrology expert here at Salisbury to create the ultimate houseplant horoscope guide, so you can proudly boast your sun sign in a way that’s much cooler than those janky rhinestone necklaces with “Leo” written in cursive. (Sorry Leos, we know you love your rhinestones, but that trend is just as dead as my petunias after a classic Edmonton snowstorm.)

Capricorn: English Ivy

Capricorns are persistent and determined, with an unwavering focus that helps them overcome whatever obstacles get in their way. Thus, the vigorous growth and climbing habit of the English Ivy makes it a total Capricorn plant. Just like Capricorns, these zodiac vines are practical and never frivolous, requiring minimal sunlight and just a moderate amount of water. Capricorns are often said to age backward, becoming more energetic and fun-loving as they get older. As the English Ivy develops, it starts out slow and steady, but quickly gains momentum and can go totally wild if given the freedom to explore their surroundings. 

Your Astrological Guide to Houseplants-capricorn-aquarius

Aquarius: Air Plants

Aquarius isn’t like other signs””they’re like, super unique and rebellious, and super into quirky indie movies and bands that you probably wouldn’t understand. You might think Aquarius is a water sign based on the name, but it’s actually an air sign. The air plant is the perfect specimen to complement this sign’s proud non-conformist, distinctively quirky approach to life. It won’t be trapped by the oppressive confines of a soil-filled pot””it wants the freedom to breathe out in the fresh Edmonton air. It will be quite happy nestled on top of a stack of books on the shelf””but like, weird books you’ve probably never heard of. 

Pisces: Goldfish Plant

Dreamy Pisces may look serene on the outside, but their insides are swirling with emotions, ideas, and strong intuition. The goldfish plant is a perfect match, as it resembles a sea of vibrant orange fish swirling around a bowl. Plus, Pisces is the fish sign, these are obviously the perfect houseplants for this astrological sign. Pisces has a wild imagination, sometimes getting lost in flights of fantasy, so it’s definitely on the same wavelength as the fanciful, magical, aquatic aesthetic of the goldfish plant.  

Your Astrological Guide to Houseplants-pisces-aries

Aries: Ornamental Peppers

Aries is definitely the most fiery of the fire signs, with a hot temper and a passionate zest for life. They’re brave, occasionally aggressive, and are often drawn to the colour red””a total power colour. They’re ruled by their heads, as they’re quite quick-thinking and headstrong. Funnily enough, it’s not uncommon to encounter an Aries with a bold, angular hairstyle (Lady Gaga is an Aries, and it’s really no surprise). The ornamental pepper plant is covered in pointy, brightly-coloured peppers in flaming shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple, sticking straight out like red hot pokers. While many are edible, most folks find the spice level to be a bit too hot to handle, so make sure you’ve got a glass of milk handy to douse the fire in your mouth after snacking on one of these bad boys.  

Taurus: Basil

Tauruses love to indulge in activities that delight the senses; delicious foods, luxurious scented candles, beautiful designer items, and cozy faux-fur blankets. They’re also pretty stubborn and don’t like it when people stand in their way, so it’s best to let them take the lead on things. Basil is perfectly suited to the Taurus, as it smells delicious, tastes delicious, and it has pretty little flowers that are downright charming. Some of the best comfort foods feature basil, as its aromatic quality gives it a full-bodied, layered flavour that’s absolutely incomparable. It’s also a pretty aggressive grower and will often take over any container it’s planted in, so don’t be surprised if this take-charge houseplant dominates your herb container.

Your Astrological Guide to Houseplants-taurus-gemini

Gemini: Calathea

Some may call them two-faced, but we prefer the term “˜multi-faceted.’ These dynamic individuals have many contrasting, paradoxical aspects to their personality, but this helps them to be quite adaptable and keen socializers. They’re born entertainers, and they’re always on the move at parties, cheerfully bouncing between different groups. The calathea has serious Gemini vibes with its bold, two-toned leaves: bright green and striped on top, with a solid bright red underside. It’s constantly moving and changing positions depending on the time of day and the amount of light it receives. One thing’s for sure: just like Geminis, these houseplants are anything but boring. 

Cancer: The Sensitive Plant

Awww, sweet-hearted Cancers are always picking up on everyone else’s emotions and stress, absorbing all the energies around them. You could say they’re a bit hyper-sensitive (okay, maybe a LOT hyper-sensitive), so the sensitive plant, AKA Mimosa pudica, is pretty much their houseplant twin. Even the most delicate touch to the leaves and stems of the sensitive plant will cause it to curl up and wilt””but don’t worry, this too shall pass. Just like Cancers, the sensitive plant will pick itself back up and carry on, brightening our living space with its cheerful green leaves. That is, until it gets prodded again. What an emotional rollercoaster! 

Your Astrological Guide to Houseplants-cancer-leo

Leo: Bromeliads

Did you notice the outfit your Leo friend wore to dinner the other night? Of course you did, because Leos command attention and always steal the show. They’re loud and proud in their personality and appearance, always standing out from the crowd, and may even be considered a teensy bit arrogant. But they don’t mind getting labelled as self-satisfied””after all, they have every right to be, cuz they’re, like, totally amazing. The bromeliad has all the flashy pizzazz of the spotlight-craving Leo, with its big, bright displays of vibrant leaves that surround its colourful flowers like a lion’s mane. No matter where you place your bromeliad, it will instantly become the focal point of the room, drawing in the gazes of all who witness its splendour. 

Virgo: Spider Plants

Virgos are often criticized for being uptight, but they really don’t get enough credit for all they do for us. They’re highly productive, meticulous and orderly, taking care of the little details and making sure their environment is pleasant and serene. Spider plants are total Virgos because they’re constantly filtering out toxins and dust particles from the air, and churning out clean oxygen better than any other houseplant. NASA even keeps them on their space shuttles to keep the air fresh and pure, so if they’re good enough for rocket scientists, they’re good enough for the Virgo in your life. As for productivity, spider plants can’t be beat, because they’re always creating tiny little spider plant babies you can pop off and grow into a full new plant. 

Your Astrological Guide to Houseplants-virgo-libra

Libra: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Libras have two main objectives: maintain peace and balance, and look runway-ready while doing it. The fiddle leaf fig is so on-brand with this finicky astrological sign, because it wants regular watering, but not too much, and lots of sunlight, but not too much! If you can achieve the perfect balance of water and sun for the fiddle leaf fig, it will delight you with glossy, gorgeous leaves that look straight out of a Pinterest mood board. This elegant tree zodiac plant is ultra-sophisticated and modern, reaching heights up to 15 feet under the right conditions. To keep it looking shiny and bright, dust off its leaves regularly with a damp cloth. 

Scorpio: Barrel Cactus

Don’t mess with a Scorpio””they’re tough-as-nails, and don’t like to be prodded, so it’s best just to let them do their own thing. You know when you’re meeting a new group, and the leader instructs everyone to tell three fun facts about themselves? That’s a Scorpio’s worst nightmare. They like to maintain their tough exterior, and they keep their inner secrets and desires contained and guarded. The barrel cactus personifies the Scorpio, because just like this sun sign, they’re considered to be a bit prickly, but beneath that tough exterior is a soft and squishy inside. There’s a strange beauty and mystery about them that makes them magnetic and prone to attracting the curiosity of many admirers.    

Your Astrological Guide to Houseplants-scorpio-sagittarius

Sagittarius: Wandering Jew

Right from the get-go, a Sagittarius is bitten by the travel bug. They have an insatiable wanderlust, propelling them to independently explore the world while using their intuition and curiosity as their guide. They are fun-loving, inquisitive thrill-seekers that crave freedom and constant change. The wandering jew is a total Sag, spreading quickly and relentlessly, spilling out the sides of its container and creeping up the nearest object it can grasp onto. A Sagittarius doesn’t like to take anything too seriously. They enjoy injecting fun and humour into all that they do, and the candy-striped purple and green leaves of this houseplant definitely fit the bill for this zany sun sign.   

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Want to embrace your astrological sign in the coolest way possible? Drop that rhinestone necklace and cancel that tattoo appointment, because horoscope houseplants are where it’s at! Salisbury has the biggest selection of houseplants for sale in Edmonton, so swing by the greenhouse and find a fab new houseplant that jives with your sign.


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