Make Grey Winter Days Brighter with These True Low Light Houseplants

true low light houseplants sherwood park

Finding true low light houseplants that can withstand our grey, cloudy winters can be tricky. The amount of window light streaming in drops significantly from August to January, and it’s much easier to keep your plants healthy and happy if they’re more adaptable to seasonal shifts.  

While houseplants are tiny beacons of joy pretty much any time of year, their mood-lifting powers are especially pronounced in winter. Studies show that caring for houseplants can combat the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. After a winter that left many of us feeling a bit lethargic, we could all use a little colour and leafy goodness to give us a boost as we wait for spring’s arrival!      

Finding True Low Light Houseplants to Brighten Your Space

Now, when we say true low light, we don’t mean no light””your plants are still going to need some indirect light from a window! Here are some colourful plants that do well in low light to help tide you over until the May flowers appear.  

tropicals for low light

What Indoor Plants Do Well in Low Light?

A long stretch of cloudy weather won’t stress out these tough-as-nails plants. Bring one home today for an instant happy boost!  

Chinese Evergreen

Variegated houseplants with striking colour accents are trending big time, and the Chinese Evergreen is the perfect plant to get the look. Some varieties, like Lady Valentine, have bright pink speckles all over the leaves, while others like Silver Queen are more silver than they are green! It’s probably one of the most low-maintenance houseplants in existence, and it only needs a little bit of fertilizer once or twice a year.  

close up of chinese evergreen and calathea


Calatheas are a type of prayer plant, meaning their leaves naturally move around into different positions as light levels shift. Their leaves are honestly kind of breathtaking””while there are many varieties, they all seem to have an artsy brushstroke effect that never fails to impress. I recommend watering them with tap water that you’ve left sitting out for a few days””this helps to evaporate some of the mineral content, as calatheas are a bit sensitive to their water quality.  

Heartleaf Philodendron

The glossy emerald, heart-shaped leaves of this popular houseplant make it a great gift for Valentine’s Day! The stems grow like long, trailing vines, making it one of the best low light hanging plants. If the stems are getting a bit too long and you want to encourage bushier growth instead, you can pinch off the stems right underneath of a growth node (the nub at the end of a stem segment). Wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth every couple of weeks to keep them shiny and free of dust!

heartleaf philodendron and zz plant leaves

ZZ Plant

If we’re judging based on overall toughness, the ZZ Plant is like the Macho Man Randy Savage of houseplants. It is extraordinarily difficult to take down a ZZ Plant, so even if your plant care track record is downright shameful, you should be able to handle this bad boy. They do best in indirect sunlight, but even if your indoor sunlight levels are the bare minimum, indoor fluorescent lighting will help your ZZ plant to thrive.  

Parlor Palm

Are you “California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day?” Then this tropical palm will bring the beachy coastal vibes of LA straight to your living room. They start out small but can grow several feet tall if you repot them into larger containers. Parlor palms, like most other potted palms, are pet-friendly, too, so if you’ve got rascally cats and dogs at home, this is a safe, non-toxic option.

parlor palm with coffee plant on shelf

The 5 Best Low Light Indoor Plants with Flowers

If you want something a little more exciting than your typical green potted plant, these flowering houseplants are perfect for you to bring home this winter.  

African Violet

This blooming beauty is deceptively fancy for such a low-maintenance, chill houseplant! Rookie plant owners shouldn’t have much trouble keeping their African violets looking perky and plush. And you’ll love the varieties of colours they come in, like icy pink, rosy magenta, rich plum-purple, and more! Those velvety leaves and jewel-toned blooms bring an air of regality to your living room, so even if your February mostly consists of binge-watching Bridgerton, you’ll have a lovely view from your spot on the couch!  

african violets and peace lily

Peace Lily

Bring some zen vibes into your space with the calming presence of the peace lily! Its sleek, tall stems hold single-petaled ivory blooms with golden stamens””the perfect plant to complete a satisfyingly minimalist room design. They’re especially good at filtering the air, so if that dry February air is feeling stale, a peace lily will improve the atmosphere.  


While the ultra-neon displays atop these exotic indoor plants aren’t technically flowers””they’re leaf bracts””the burst of tropical colour they bring is just so cheerful! With pink, red, yellow, and orange varieties available, you can grab an assortment of bromeliads for a mixed display exploding with colour like a fireworks show.    

bromeliad and lipstick plant

Lipstick Plants

Dark maroon casings encircle each red, tubular flower on this distinctive plant, giving it the appearance of””you guessed it””tubes of lipstick. They look especially pretty in hanging baskets, as their foliage tends to trail downward, producing clusters of blooms on the ends. Make sure it gets at least a few hours of indirect sunlight each day, or else it won’t bloom much, and avoid placing it in full shade or full sun.

Moth Orchid

Orchids have a reputation for being more high-maintenance than Naomi Campbell, but you shouldn’t believe the rumours! Moth orchids are definitely the most easygoing of all orchids, and so long as you follow the basic steps for care and provide it with a bit of indirect light, you shouldn’t expect any diva fits. Moth orchids are epiphytic, so instead of potting them in soil, pot them in some loose peat moss. Every two weeks, water your plant by thoroughly soaking the potting medium for 15 minutes, and then allow it to drain completely.

moth orchids various colours

Is your home or office in need of some colour and life to perk up those dreary February feels? Stop by at our Salisbury plant shop in St. Albert or Sherwood Park for the best selection of low light houseplants on either side of Edmonton!  We’ve got curbside pickup and citywide delivery available if need be””just call us to make arrangements, and we’ll be happy to help.

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