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Styling Tips for Plant Shelfies

young woman setting up plants on bookshelf

Some people fill their walls with framed botanical art, abstract imagery, family photos or decorative antlers. They create visually appealing 3D gallery walls that encompass all their personality traits and then some – and they’re gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. They immediately set the tone in a room and give guests something to view in between glasses of wine during social gatherings.

And then there are some that have mad “plant shelfie” game 🌱

Plant parents from all over the Insta-galaxy are now tagging #plantshelfie in a organic movement to express yo shelf as it overflows with their favorite houseplants. These people fill their walls with shelves to put their plants on display next to their favorite books and sentimental accents. They create living, three dimensional walls filled with overflowing spider plants, upright peace lilies, and perfectly petaled succulents. And then they sneak in memory pieces: an heirloom figurine from Grandma, a poetry book from their current boyfriend, and a letterboard with this week’s motivational statement.

plant perfectly placed on top of books

Tip #1: Perfectly Placed
Before you go drilling holes all over the place, check for studs in the walls to attach your shelf to ensure proper support. It would be a tragedy if you finally got your shelf in order only moments before it fell from the weighted pressure. If you can’t find the studs (they’re hard to find, trust me), go ahead and tack onto the plaster – but not before reading this how-to article from Hunker.

If you’re yearning for instant shelf-gratification, consider propping a ladder against the wall. Gardenista has some clever ways to make this work for you.

plant colour scheme

Tip #2: Style for YOU
As with any designing aspects, it’s got to speak to your soul. The colours and textures have to resonate with your personal taste or you’re not going to be proud of your finished product. If your preferred colour scheme is cool hues of blue and teal, like the airy ocean, select plants and containers to complement that feeling.

If you’re yearning for a display to invoke motivation, spark inspiration, and keep your day vibrant, select warm, bright spectrums to keep your mind alive.

young woman reading book with plant shelfie behind

Tip #3: Balance is a Wonder
Typically, plant shelfies are asymmetrical as houseplants naturally take on their own shape throwing off the whole balance of a combination. Grouping similar pieces in threes or fives will help create a cozy display that complements differing sizes. Allow the overarching leaves of plants to span beyond a shelf’s boundaries, even if it pulls at your symmetrical tendencies.

Tip #4: Give “˜em Room
Shelves come in all sizes, as do plants. Place your houseplants appropriately so they can still flourish and provide you the inspiring visual you crave. Also, create a vignette that’s easy to access so you can water freely or review that poetry book before an evening out with the boo without a neck-breaking balancing act.


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