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Top 10 Plants That Make You Happy

Top 10 Plants That Make You Happy main

When the holiday hustle has subsided but the freezing temperatures and snow remain, it’s easy to fall into a bit of a funk. At Salisbury, we swear by the restorative, happy-boosting powers of plants! There’s just something so satisfying about a bright pop of green, plus their seemingly magic air-purifying properties really sweeten the deal. There’s even science to back it up! Several studies have found a clear link between caring for houseplants and lessening symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. While all plants are pretty great in their own unique ways, there are a few that are particularly cheerful, with instant mood-enhancing effects comparable to those of iced coffee on a hot day, or baked spaghetti with cheese on”¦well, any day. 

If you think your living space needs a little reinvigorating this winter, stop by Salisbury and pick up one of these 10 plants in Edmonton that make you happy.

The Best Indoor Plants That Make You Happy

The benefits of indoor plants is a pretty endless list, but these extra happy houseplants have one major benefit: sparking some serious joy in your home. No matter how many times I decide to Marie Kondo my living room, these plants will always stay put: 

African Violet: No plant rivals the undeniable cuteness of the African violet. Their plump, fuzzy leaves and round, bright purple blossoms are straight-up delightful. They’re like a waaaay more low-maintenance puppy that never wakes you up at 3 a.m. or destroys your favourite shoes. To keep your African violet healthy, water the soil directly and let it dry out between waterings. Make sure to rotate the pot 90 degrees every time you water it to ensure that the leaves receive equal amounts of sunlight, which will help your plant grow evenly. 

Top 10 Plants That Make You Happy african violet spider plant

Spider Plant: Not only is this plant unrivalled in their ability to purify the air, but they multiply at an amazingly fast rate! Spider plants produce tiny little spider babies “” mini-sized plants that can be plucked off and grown into a whole new plant. If you wanna spread a little joy over the winter, your friends and family will love being the recipient of a fresh little baby plant you grew yourself!

Burro’s Tail: This hanging succulent is so weird and fun “” it just instantly adds so much personality into a room. Little, plump succulent leaves resemble under ripe green grapes and form long tendrils, spilling out the sides of the container like chubby green ropes. Like most succulents, it doesn’t like to be overwatered, so wait for the soil to dry out between waterings and scale back on how often you water over the winter. 

Top 10 Plants That Make You Happy burros tail prayer plant

Prayer Plant: This colourful plant has vibrant streaks of red, green and yellow that never fail to brighten the room””or your mood! Cooler yet, this hyperactive plant is constantly moving, slowly rising and bending its leaves around””albeit slowly. If you leave the room for a few hours and then come back, it will be in a totally different position. Having this strange and colourful plant striking poses in your living room is oddly thrilling!

Peace Lily: If you find yourself going full Seinfeld lately and are desperate for a little “SERENITY NOW!”, the peace lily offers that calming ambience you need in your life. The sleek, creamy white flowers are so elegant and zen, bringing serious yoga studio vibes. It’s another amazing air purifier too, so peace lilies are just plain good for your health! They also don’t need too much light, so if the flower is turning a bit brown on the edges, it might be worth bringing it a bit further away from the window. 

Top 10 Plants That Make You Happy peace lily boston fern

Boston Fern: These big, shaggy plants have a hairstyle that would put Bob Ross to shame, but I’m sure he’d agree that a happy little fern is a welcome addition to any living space. Place them up on a pedestal to let their graceful fronds trail down, put them up on a high shelf to draw the eye upward, or hang them in baskets to really appreciate their dramatic volume and showy leaves. They prefer humid weather, evenly moist soil, and indirect sunlight. Choose a location a few feet away from a window, and check the soil daily to ensure it always stays slightly damp. A light misting with water every few days should help your fern stay full and shaggy. If it isn’t in a hanging basket, you could always place the container on a pebble tray full of water to help increase the humidity around the foliage. 

Echeveria: Not only are these swirly succulents totally on-trend and easy to care for, but they’re just so fun to watch grow! In the spring, once the sun starts shining brighter, your echeveria will sprout long, skinny “arms” that will keep producing more and more little pink flowers the longer they grow. Last summer, my little potted echeveria grew three arms that shot up to over two feet tall! 

Water your echeveria at the soil level so the leaves don’t get wet. If your echeveria starts growing tall and skinny instead of wide, it needs more sunlight, so just move it to a sunnier spot by a window.

Top 10 Plants That Make You Happy echeveria basil

Basil: If that earlier reference to baked spaghetti has left you craving Italian food, then get yourself a basil plant for home cooking and decorating in one convenient pot. This quintessential Italian herb is the perfect fragrant topping for pizzas, pasta, salads, and so much more. It’s so versatile (and so delicious) that there will be plenty of opportunities for you to harvest the leaves and nosh on some Grade A top-choice comfort food. That’s my kinda happy meal!

Meyer Lemon: While they are definitely a labour of love and take a few years to fully develop, having a potted mini lemon tree at home is the best! The bright yellow fruits are pure sunshine, plus they’re completely edible and have a sweet orangey flavour to them. If, in the winter, your Meyer lemon tree isn’t quite getting enough sunshine, setting up a grow light will work wonders. They’re so perfectly picturesque “” they always look like they came straight out of a painting. 

Top 10 Plants That Make You Happy meyer lemon lavender

Lavender: Among the many factors that impact happiness, possibly the most important of all is sleep quality. The fragrance of lavender is known to have calming qualities that can help you fall asleep, which you can harness with lavender essential oils or, better yet, sachets of the dried flowers. You can grow lavender outdoors in the garden and harvest them to display as cut flowers before allowing them to dry. Once dry, gently remove the flowers into a mesh or fabric sachet and keep it near your pillow. Lavender is a perennial, so you can continue to make new sachets every year, and even make some to share with friends!

Need an extra dose of happiness this winter? Put a smile on your face in the most wholesome and healthy way possible: assembling a mini jungle of gorgeous greenery right at home! It never ceases to amaze me how being surrounded by fresh, living greenery can give you that extra spring in your step. Ignore the grey, dull weather outside and live it up in your own indoor greenhouse! To get started on your happenin’ happy plant collection, visit us at Salisbury Greenhouse and we’ll help you pick out the best varieties to suit your home.

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