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The Ultimate Manly Gardening Gift Guide

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“I’ve got a condition which causes me to make puns. It’s a dad-ly disease” Dad Joke, Anonymous

He has enough socks, ties, and beer steins to last him a lifetime! While his jokes may be bad, let’s be nice to him this Father’s Day by giving him gifts that he actually wants. Yes, these gardening gifts are ones that the men in our lives really will love:

hot peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

He may say he’s hot enough, but let’s help dad turn up the heat with a hot pepper plant. After all, research shows that hot peppers help burn calories””you’ll help him get rid of that “˜dad bod’.  

If he’s the type who puts hot sauce on everything, then for a surefire hit, match the pepper variety to the main ingredient in his go-to sauce. Is he a classic Tabasco or Frank’s guy? He’ll love a cayenne pepper plant. Is he at his happiest with a plate full of tacos? A jalapeno or habanero plant will light him up!

wheelbarrow with soil for landscaping

Help Dad Manscape (the Yard)

He may have the best hair fade and a beard to boast about, but his lawn could use some help, too. Put together a landscaping kit instead of a manscaping kit for his Father’s Day gift. For a dad who’s into turf maintenance, give him a wheelbarrow full of gardening gifts such as: a bag of compost, fall fertilizer, and some fresh lawn seed for all those brown spots from that darn dog he didn’t want but now loves (he won’t ever admit it, though).  

hose gardening tools for dad

A Garden Gadget Gift for Dad

It’s practically a biological fact that men love gadgets. A garden hose attachment may not strike you as a particularly sexy gift, but it wins in the practicality department””especially when it seems like a fun gadget he can play with. New Line Garden Hose attachments include six or more spray settings, ideal for cleaning or watering any landscape surface (or washing his car, cause that’s what he would prefer to do).  

tomatoes for dad

Gifts for Chef Dad

If he’s the chef in the house, then give him the gift that keeps on growing. Edible gardening is all the rage right now, and if he loves to cook, he’ll appreciate the gift of a backyard veggie garden full of tomato plants and herbs. Put the kids on digging duty so dad can relax on his special day. Hand him a beer while you plant some of our favorite tomato varieties, like “˜Early Girl,’ “˜Big Beef,’ and “˜Black Krim.’ If digging isn’t an option, present “˜Chef Dad’ with his very own Basil Tower Planter; it’s ideal for small gardening spaces.

grilling gifts gloves and herbs

Gifts for the Grillmaster

Is he the kind of guy who mans the grill for every family cookout? He might have all the fancy grilling tongs, thermometers, and sauces, but I’m willing to bet his arsenal is missing a quality pair of grilling gloves! Watson BBQ Gloves are great for protecting his hands, so the cheddar smokies are the only things getting burnt.

nursery yard trees shrubs landscaping

Throw Dad Some Shade

While we all love to tease our beloved dads for their bad jokes (and “˜socks with sandal’ fashion sense), let’s throw some proper shade his way with a hammock and a few new trees for the yard. We have some amazing apple trees in stock””he could make some homebrewed cider! But for now, let’s let dad relax and have a nap in the shade. That may be the best gift of all for the men in our lives””the gift of rest.

Still need more gift ideas for the special men in your life? Find more gardening presents for dad at one of our Edmonton garden centre locations today!



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