Manage Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues with Plants

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Winter has its cozy moments that go along with the holiday season’s many other endearing qualities. However, it also gets a bad reputation for making people miserable thanks to cloudy skies, lack of sun, dry air, and the obvious need to hide indoors from the cold for most of the season. If you’re a plant lover like us, you’ll have noticed a jarring sense of emptiness as your garden went into its annual slumber, and you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do with yourself.  

Our connection with plants is one as old as the earth and is becoming an increasingly large part of life for many. Luckily, there are a few solutions. Read on to find out how you can fight those winter blues with an influx of indoor houseplants!


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How do Plants Combat Seasonal Depression?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real, and is usually triggered by a lack of sun during the winter months. Winter tends to keep people indoors longer, exercising less, and eating larger quantities of food. These habits certainly don’t help the winter blues, so finding meaningful activities in the cold months is crucial for your well-being. Some people, however, struggle with mood fluctuations regularly, making winter especially difficult to handle.  

There are many scientific reasons why plants might make us feel better, like their natural ability to improve air quality and suck in toxins from our environments. They are also visually stunning, and remind us that life will continue and start anew when winter has passed its long days. Additionally, they have some pretty amazing unseen superpowers that lie at the heart of their natural ability to combat seasonal depression””or even just a bad mood””any time of year.

Much research has demonstrated plants’ ability to reduce stress levels and increase happiness within minutes of contact, a feat that not even chocolate can parallel. There’s a deep connection between plants and humans that goes back to our origins, enabling us to derive a powerful sense of comfort from aligning with the energy of plant life. This Biophilia Hypothesis suggests that we seek meaningful connections to nature and its natural forms.  


Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Manage Seasonal Affective Disorder-repotting a succulent
The Outdoor Effect

Many people work in office spaces for much of their life, which””let’s face it””can be depressing all by itself! Studies have consistently shown that being outdoors more often can tremendously impact your overall health and well-being and even combat depression.  

Getting outside amongst the trees and plant life increases mental focus, distracts you from negative thought patterns or emotions, and rejuvenates an otherwise tired brain. Similarly, bringing plants into your home is a surefire way to lift those dopamine levels and get you motivated again””and the focus it takes to nurture, grow, and live alongside healthy plants is an essential aspect of mental well-being.  


Plant Power

As we’ve seen, the healing properties of plants are well-documented, and it is almost common knowledge”“even among modern-day doctors”“that the presence of plants and flowers can and does act medicinally. This medicinal side carries over from biological effects to emotional and psychological ones as well, and reflects a relationship between all organic life on earth.  


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The power of working with plants is undeniable, and more research is carried out every year to discover just how effective gardening is as a tool to combat depression. If you’re suffering from seasonal depression while your garden takes a nap, look to indoor houseplant care, succulent gardens, or terrariums to fill that need to nurture over the winter months. Your active participation in tending plants will not only keep you focused, but will also help lower blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and even the isolation that nasty winter weather can bring.  

This month, we will be discussing many topics centred around the idea of creating a better state of wellness using plants. We believe everyone can benefit from a little green power, and we encourage you to follow along for tips on working plant care into your life this year to wipe out those winter woes.


So get going with gardening””it might just be the cure you were looking for. If you’re trying to get started with some indoor plant life to chase away that Edmonton seasonal depression, come visit us at Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park and St. Albert for a great selection and expert information from our Staff!


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