The 5 W’s on Repotting plants

why do i need to repot my plants?

As your plant grows, it needs room to stretch its roots and soak up nutrients.

when should i repot my plants?

Early spring is the best time to repot because your plants will have all spring, summer, and fall to establish and grow before winter dormancy! Repot at a maximum of once per year—your plant will need to settle after replanting.

what will my plant look like when it needs repotting?

Your plant will:
1. Have roots growing out the drainage holes
2. Start lifting out of the pot
3. Have roots circling the root ball
4. Soak up water faster than normal
5. Slow its growth significantly and  look unhealthy

where where should i place my plant after repotting?

If you’re repotting in early spring, you can move your plant to its optimal growing conditions for the sunny season.

If you repot midseason, try to put the plant back precisely where it was so it doesn’t get stressed from too many changes all at once.

who can i talk to for help?

Visit us at Salisbury Greenhouse Sherwood Park and St. Albert for more information on repotting your houseplants! We’re always happy to help.

Houseplant Makeover

Houseplants in need of some TLC?
Salisbury at Enjoy offers professional inspection and repotting services for your houseplants.


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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