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Poisonous Perennials

Poisonous Perennials

Poisonous Perennials By Rob Sproule A vibrant, blooming perennial bed is one of the hallmarks of a gorgeous garden (and a savvy, dedicated gardener). But we forget that behind the aesthetics of perennials lie separately

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In Search Of “Local”

In Search Of “Local” By Rob Sproule You don’t get buzzier than the buzzword “local”, these days. From small town Farmers’ Markets to nation wide grocery chains, everyone is waving the banner and trying to

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Combating Nature Deficit Disorder

Combating Nature Deficit Disorder By Rob Sproule Kids are spending less time in nature. We could argue about causes, whether it’s too much screen time, fear about getting hurt or heavily scheduled extra-curricular time, but

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Cherry Maggots

Cherry Maggots by Rob Sproule We’ve heard a lot about apple maggots lately and, unfortunately, the prognosis for backyard apple growers is pretty dire. For every fruit there is a pest, it seems, and for

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Gray Mold

Gray Mold

Gray Mold by Rob Sproule Most fuzzy things are just plain cute. Who can resist an over-plushed teddy bear or a fuzzy caterpillar in the palm. This article is about one fuzzy thing that’s more

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Laying Sod 101

Laying Sod 101 By Rob Sproule Sod or Seed? You may not be able to buy love, but as far as a new lawn goes, you can buy time. When you either want a new

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For the Love of Hostas

For the Love of Hostas by Rob Sproule I’ve come to learn that those who love hostas, love them a lot, and those who don’t love hostas.. still like them quite a bit. They’re one

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Close up image of a pile of raspberries | Salisbury Greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Raspberries 101

Raspberries  101 by Rob Sproule Fresh raspberries and ice cream is one of summer’s sweetest delights. For the number of people who adore raspberries, it’s surprising that more aren’t growing them. Granted, they have a

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Permaculture 101

  Permaculture 101 by Rob Sproule The term is derived from the idea of “permanent agriculture.” The idea being that while modern agriculture often imposes our artificial techniques onto nature, permaculture emphasizes using nature’s patterns

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Training Your Tomato

Training Your Tomato by Rob Sproule Tomatoes embody the best of summer.  From the nostalgic smell of the leaves to the juice running down your chin,  they’re Canadian’s far-and-away favourite edible  to  grow, and for

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Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries by Rob Sproule Eating strawberries right off the runner is the sweetest  way to spend a summer afternoon. A slightly tarter, but still delicious way to wile away the hours is to munch

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Avoiding Potato Scab

Avoiding Potato Scab by Rob Sproule If you’ve ever grown an Alberta spud, you’ve probably encountered potato scab. As common as a cold, scab is a bacterial infection that results in nasty scabs across the

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Fall Mums, Yellow, Red | Salisbury Greenhouse - St Albert, Sherwood Park

Fall Mums

Fall Mums by Rob Sproule Choosing your Mum Growing your Mum History of the Mum In garden centers, box stores, grocery stores, and even gas stations around Edmonton, mums are the most famous of fall

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