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Low-Maintenance Planting

Low-Maintenance Planting By Rob Sproule Let Go of the Lawn Using Native Plants Mulch Design Ideas “Native plants give us a sense of where we are in that great land of ours. I want to

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Container Garden University: Basic Elements

Container Garden University: Basic Elements By Rob Sproule The Biggest Flower Doesn’t Always Win The Structural Basics The “Thriller” The “Filler” The “Spiller” “Gardening has always been an art, essentially.” – Robert Irwin Like all

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Best Perennials for Pollinators

Best Perennials for Pollinators By Rob Sproule Salvia Monarda (Bee Balm) Thyme Hollyhocks “The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.” – Elizabeth Lawrence We all love bees, but getting them into your

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Container Gardening Terracotta Succulents

Container Gardening Trends

Container Gardening Trends By Rob Sproule Colour of the Year Water Garden Containers Succulents Galore “The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Gardening is, at once, unchanging, yet always in motion. The essentials

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Kitchen Gardening for Beginners

Kitchen Gardening for Beginners By: Rob Sproule What is a Kitchen Garden, anyway? How to Get Started What’s Hot & What’s Not Want more freshness in your cooking? Kitchen gardening is the art of growing

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Gardening in Space

  Image  credit: NASA Gardening in Space By Rob Sproule Growing without Gravity The Power of Plants Space Flowers “It’s a fixer-upper of a planet but we could make it work.” – Elon Musk, CEO

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Best Terrarium Plants Feature

Best Terrarium Plants

Best Terrarium Plants By Rob Sproule Baby Tears African Violet Ferns Succulents Building your own Terrarium isn’t as hard as you think, get the how to here! Everything old is new again. Terrariums, voted the

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Christmas Cactus 101

Christmas Cactus 101 By Rob Sproule Care Bloom Trouble Shooting What do the jungle covered mountains in southeastern Brazil have to do with Christmas? The small Schlumbergera genus clings to the damp rocks and moss

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Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Kitchen Scrap Gardening By Rob Sproule We may be done with our fruits and veggies after dinner, but they’re not always done with us. The scraps we throw away often have the potential to keep

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Darkness Dwelling Plants

Darkness Dwelling Plants By, Rob Sproule ZZ Plant Peace Lily Chinese Evergreen I hear it daily. People wanting to have more plants in their indoor spaces, for health or aesthetics, but don’t have enough light.

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What’s Wrong with my Herbs?

What’s Wrong with my Herbs? A Trouble Shooting Guide By, Rob Sproule Not Enough Light Water-Logged Soil Softened Water Dry Winter Air Insects When the winter winds blow and everything outside, well, dies, a windowsill

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What’s a Teal Pumpkin?

What’s a Teal Pumpkin? By Rob Sproule What’s the Teal Pumpkin about? Other Halloween Options Spread the Word First, a caveat. I’m taking a break from my standard gardening fare to talk about a cause

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Microgreens vs Sprouts

Microgreens vs Sprouts

Microgreens vs Sprouts By Rob Sproule Safer Growing Conditions They Taste Different Nutritional Values Is it just me, or is no one talking about sprouts anymore? They trended like wildfire in the 90s, but a

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Your Fall Gardening Checklist

Your Fall Gardening Checklist By, Rob Sproule Garden Surgery Plant Fall Bulbs Make your Bed Deal with your Pots Put the Rake Away Service Your Mower There’s a saying in retail businesses that you “close

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Crushing on Yellow: Spring Daffodils

Crushing on Yellow: Spring Daffodils   By, Rob Sproule Embrace the Vanity! Growing Them Don’t Store with the Onions Yellow is pure joy in the garden. It’s honest, buoyant optimism that can’t be suppressed. It’s

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Collecting Seeds

Collecting Seeds By Rob Sproule There’s a glorious patch of poppies in our perennial border that my wife’s Nana planted decades ago. Every year my wife waits for the rattle in the pods and spreads

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Summer vs Winter Squash

Summer vs Winter Squash By Rob Sproule Growing Them Harvesting At the Grocery Store At supermarkets in the Fall I feel like a pilgrim in a strange land. Odd shapes, bulbous and rounded, are stacked

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Plants That Make You Go HMMM

Plants That Make You Go HMMM By Rob Sproule It’s that time of year again where our fancy turns to thoughts of sitting at desks, staring at screens and books, pining to be outdoors. Few

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