Mason Jar Crafts You Must Make This Fall

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It’s jarring how quickly summer has gone, and fall has arrived. If you have mason jars lying around, turn them into great fall decor pieces for your home, porch, and garden.


mason jar terarrium salisbury greenhouse

Mason Jar Terrarium

As the weather turns cold, you may want to bring a little life and greenery inside. DIY this fall decor terrarium with a mason jar and a few other supplies. You can choose between an open or closed-lidded terrarium. For a closed-lid mason jar terrarium, you can expect much higher humidity, so choose humid-loving plants, and choose succulents for the dryer, open-lid terrarium.  

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 mason jar
  • A few pebbles
  • Potting soil
  • Moss
  • Small plants like succulents, nerve plants, baby’s tears, etc.


Layer the pebbles at the bottom of the jar, and then add a few inches of moist potting soil. Place the plants and sprinkle in a bit more water. Using a wide-mouthed mason jar will make this process a bit easier and will prevent awkward situations involving your hand being stuck in a jar.  


Autumnal Mason Jar Tissue Holder

The humble tissue box has the potential to transform into a charming fall decor piece with just a mason jar, paint, and a few accessories. Since seasonal colds come at this time of year, creating this piece of fall decor will brighten your day when you are feeling under the weather.  

Take some chalk paint in your favourite fall shade and paint the entire exterior of the jar. Wait for it to dry, and add a second coat of paint. Cut a piece of thick paper or fall-patterned cardstock the same size as the opening of the mason jar. Take a knife and carefully cut a large “X” in it. Take your tissues and put them inside the jar. Pull one tissue up and pull it through the “x” in the cardstock. Then, secure the cardstock to the jar by sealing it using the mason jar ring.  

Once you’ve assembled the tissue holder, you can use chalk or cut-out letters to write fun fall phrases on the jar.  


salisbury greenhouse mason jar floral centrepiece

Fall Mason Jar Centrepiece

Using mason jars for your fall table centrepiece adds rustic charm to your dining or living space, or they can even make for a cute alternative to wedding flowers as a centerpiece at your fall reception! This DIY is so easy and a perfect way to incorporate rustic accents into your fall decor without needing a ton of crafting skills. Here are two different methods to use mason jars as centrepieces.

Mason Jar Vase: Quickly transform mason jars into a fall vase for your favourite flowers. Apply a coat of paint on the outside of the jar in a shade you love. Tie a bit of twine around the lip, fill with water, and you’re done! You can use these vases at your table all year round; just swap out the flowers for your seasonal favourites!

Mason Jar Centrepiece: Fill mason jars with tiny battery-operated fairy lights. Then, either cut a hole in the lid or leave the lid off and fill the jar with an arrangement of dried fall flowers and pinecones. You can modify this DIY and paint the mason jar with a thin layer of paint so the lights can shine through or, skip the fairy lights and add a layer of pinecones and acorns at the bottom of the jar and top with a tea light.


Halloween Themed Mason Jars

If you forgot to stock up on Halloween decor this fall, let mason jars come to the rescue. Paint your mason jars each in a solid colour like brown, orange, and white. For a ghostly version, take the white painted jar, add two black dots for the eyes and a larger circle for the scary little mouth. Turn the brown mason jar into a cat or a scarecrow by drawing on facial features along with either scarecrow scars or cat whiskers. Finally, take your orange jar and draw a Jack-o’-lantern face on it. You can even add a little witch hat on top made out of a bandana or cloth.


Mason Jar Lid Crafts

Many DIY mason jar projects for fall decor leave out the lids and rings. If you’re left with a surplus of lids and rings, try creating some unique fall decor items out of them. Spray paint mason jar lids a fall colour and add them to the outdoor decor as part of a wreath.  

salisbury greenhouse mason jar pumpkin ring craft

You can also use mason jar rings to create your very own DIY pumpkin that would put Charlie Brown to shame. String orange-painted mason jar rings onto a ribbon or long sheet of paper. Attach the ends of the ribbon or paper together to create a circular shape. You’ll need quite a few jar rings in order to create a full-looking pumpkin. Add cinnamon sticks at the top to give it a step, and cut leaves out of burlap. You can also sneak some fairy lights in between the gaps of the jar rings to light up the pumpkin and the night.  


Let us know how you use mason jars for your fall decor. And if you need supplies like small terrarium plants in Edmonton, come visit us!

Image courtesy of: www.craftymorning.com


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