5 Ways You Can Arrange Cut Flowers for Any Occasion

salisbury at enjoy floral studio woman arranging cut flowers

Ever wondered how florists make spectacular flower arrangements, towering and full of beautiful foliage and blooms? Whether you need a cut floral arrangement for a holiday centrepiece, need to send someone sympathy flowers or want to brighten your living room, there is an arrangement that will suit the space, the occasion, and your skill level.  


Oval Floral Arrangementsalisbury at enjoy floral studio oval floral arrangement

It’s nice to have a flower arrangement that can be viewed from all sides””perfect for a coffee table! Oval arrangements are dense with short stems and large blooms.  

With an oval container, you don’t necessarily need foam or wire, though you can use it if you’d like more structure. Cut your blooms short, using foliage or floral clusters as a base to support the rest of the arrangement. Start with short stems around the outside of the container and then trim longer as you place more blooms in layers.  

An oval arrangement is very approachable and easy to make out of cut stems. Cluster the flowers for impact and give small, delicate flowers a slightly longer stem, so they stand out. Move from largest to smallest flowers and add foliage if desired!  


Salisbury at enjoy floral studio horizontal floral arrangementHorizontal Floral Arrangement

Horizontal arrangements can be viewed from one or both sides, depending on your design choice! They are fantastic to fill a mantel or serve as a centrepiece.  

Start with a simple, broad vase and place floral foam inside, stabilizing with a pin holder or with tape. Add some draping foliage and flowers to create long lines cascading out the sides. Fill in the middle with short stems and large, focal blooms that serve as a visual anchor to the long lines created with the horizontal stems. Use foliage or moss to cover the foam and fill in any gaps.



Triangular Floral Arrangement

A triangular floral arrangement has the tallest cut flower stems in the centre, framed by shorter stemmed flowers on the sides. This style is great for placements where it will be viewed from the front””but not the back.  

Choose a starting stem, which should be twice as tall as the container. Insert it straight up in the middle of floral foam. Next, place two more sticking out to the sides. These should be at a width that is two-thirds the height. Now you can start to fill in the frame you made. Be sure to have some front-facing stems so that the arrangement isn’t flat. Insert filler flowers to start filling in the shape. Your larger flowers should be at the bottom of the shape.  


salisbury at enjoy floral studio fan floral shaped arrangementFan-Shaped Floral Arrangement

Fan-shaped arrangements are also one-sided, only to be viewed from the front. They are typically symmetrical, but you can get creative!  

Start by placing your central vertical stem in the back of a container filled with soaked floral foam. Take two more stems and place them to the side on an angle, leaving enough space between each stem to preserve the integrity of the foam. Be sure to change up the plane of each stem to add depth but still maintain the overall shape of the fan.  

Once you have your silhouette, start filling in the shape with shorter stems in the front and filling in any gaps. The final look should be dense in the middle and have a bit of space between the ends of the stems, like a firework. Lastly, finish it off with some foliage.


salisbury at enjoy floral studio vertical floral arrangementVertical Floral Arrangement

Vertical arrangements are simple and elegant, creating a stepping stone aesthetic that takes up very little space. Big, round, cut florals are best for this style.

To start, place soaked floral foam in your container, leaving some sticking out the top by about an inch or two. Round the edges for easier placement. Next, create your focal line by placing your first flower near the back of the foam so that the head of the flower is twice as high as the container. Place a focal flower near the bottom, in line with the top flower. Fill in the gaps with the rest of your focal flowers. Remember not to stick to a perfectly straight line too much! Variety is the spice of life, after all.  

Start filling in the spaces with your complimentary flowers and add some tall vertical foliage to support the arrangement in the back. Cover the foam with short foliage at the bottom, remembering to place it all the way around for stability.


Using cut flowers to make beautiful arrangements is satisfying, artistic, and fun. If you’re interested in making your own, head to The Floral Studio at Salisbury at Enjoy. We offer cut florals and arrangements for every occasion and for every coffee table.  

Floral Studio

Salisbury at Enjoy has trained florists at your service. Order a beautiful arrangement for any occasion.


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