Rewilding: 5 Things You Do Every Day That Can Be Done Outside

In its original form, rewilding is the act of allowing nature to take care of itself in our green spaces. Wild spaces tend to be more biodiverse and resilient than areas that have been managed purely for good looks. More recently, people have been applying a similar approach to their lives. Rewilding is the belief that everything we need to flourish and thrive is already within us, and reconnecting with the natural world can help guide us to the solutions for the challenges we face in our daily lives. 

Rewilding doesn’t need to involve rushing out of the city and living in an off-grid cabin in the woods. Although by all means, if that’s your jam, do what makes you happy! Rewilding can be quite simple, and it’s something you can easily fit into your schedule every day. There are many things that most people do every day that you can easily do outside, giving you a few moments to connect with nature.

Hydrate & Caffeinate

Coffee, tea, water, your kid’s forgotten juice box… Whatever your morning beverage is, you can probably take it outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you’re in an apartment with a deck, go out there and stare at trees, or parks, or Edmonton’s amazing river valley if you’re lucky enough to have that view. Studies have shown that just looking out the window at trees can help patients in hospitals heal faster. Plants make us happier, so spend some time looking at some every day.

Don’t Forget Your Workout

Gyms have a certain atmosphere that can be very motivating. But, they don’t always smell that great, and right now they’re all closed anyway. Instead of working out indoors in the stale air, get outside! Run in the park, do pushups on the grass, and burpees in the shade of a tree (so you have something to lean on when you feel like you’re going to pass out!)

Enjoy Your Snacks

Everybody has to eat, so take a meal or a snack outside. Going for a walk break while working from home? Take your celery sticks and family size bag of Doritos outside and sit on some grass for a few minutes. Lay on your back for a bit and stare up at the clouds and trees instead of another screen. Take your shoes off and feel the grass and earth on your bare feet. 

Grow Something You Can Eat

Who doesn’t have houseplants now? Go one step better and grow something you can eat. Harvest your own food is rewarding in a uniquely primal way. Start with easy veggies like lettuce, radishes, or tomatoes

Take a Digital Timeout

Most of us aim to take a least a bit of a timeout from our digital devices every day. If you have a meditation, journaling, or sketching practice, try taking it outside. Find a tree to lean against, a spot to sit on the grass, or a park to stroll through. Spend a few minutes without your device in front of your face. Notice how the ground feels beneath you, feel the difference between leaves and tree bark. Make note of what you can smell. Listen to the wind in the trees, the birds chirping. Notice the different colours around you in the natural world. 

If you can get out of the city to do these things in the wilder natural world, go for it! If you can’t get out of the city, come for a visit to our greenhouse. It’s filled with plants and all the supplies you need to bring a little bit of the wild into your home and garden.


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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