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Plants for Fall Pots That Aren’t Mums

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After a full season of hot Alberta sun, our gardens aren’t looking as spry as they once were. So, it’s only natural that, in fall, that we start to feel a little bittersweet, already mourning the warm weather before it’s gone. 

Well, enough with that! It’s time to stop treating fall as a time to look back and start using it to cling to every degree of warmer weather we have left. And, thankfully, there’s plenty of fantastic fall flora besides those classic mums that we can use to do that! Here are my top plants choices for jazzing up your front porch with fall pots: 


Probably the most well-known and well-loved fall annual of them all, pansies give us the soft, clover-like blooms we’re craving when it seems like every other plant is dying. You may be used to looking forward to them in spring, but since they love cooler conditions, they’re more than happy to brighten up your fall porch, too. As annuals, it’s true that they won’t stick around to give you any colour in the winter. However, you can keep them going well into the chilly weather with just a nice, thick layer of mulch and a super sunny spot to sunbathe in.


You may know this leafy green as an ultra-trendy superfood that seems to be in every healthy diet ever. But, did you know they’re also a terrific cool-weather-craving option to bring some texture to your fall containers? With this leafy & lovely edible, you can enjoy a full season of fabulous foliage and delicious dishes just outside your doorstep””just add sun. 

ornamental kale cabbage peppers celosias plants for fall pots salisbury greenhouse sherwood park

Ornamental Peppers

These super-spicy, brilliantly-coloured vegetables genuinely deserve the title of “ornamental.” You might need a double-take to be sure you’re actually looking at a fresh crop of peppers and not a pot full of jewels. You can find them in a wide variety of colours””from deep, moody black to bright, cheery yellow. All you need to keep them happy on your fall porch is plenty of rich soil, full sun, and the occasional watering.


Also known as cockscombs, celosias offer brilliant, brightly flower plumes in an array of summer colours that will have you forgetting all about the dropping mercury levels. As a bonus, they’re a favourite perch for those last, lingering butterflies””seriously, these plants will have you wondering, “What season are we actually in?” All they need to put on a stunning fall show is a spot with full sun. A drought-tolerant performer, they also won’t need constant upkeep from your watering can.

lemon cypress plants for fall pots salisbury greenhouse sherwood park

Lemon Cypress

These compact citruses may smell tropical, but they’re actually cool-weather-lovers that are a perfect fit for large pots. While they may like it cooler than we would typically expect, our famous Alberta winters are a tad colder than ‘cool.’ To keep their vibrant, yellow-green needles happy and healthy all winter long, transition them inside once the temperatures plummet. Once your lemon cypress is inside, don’t forget to put it in a sunny spot near a bright window!

Ornamental Grasses

A low-maintenance gardener’s dream, these plants are the ultimate choice for texture in a fall pot that you can leave and love all season long. With tall tendrils that dance in the wind, you’ll love the grassland effect they give your containers””even as the days get shorter, and your pants get longer. Choose from a variety of awesome colours and textures and find the perfect fit for your aesthetic. 

The leaves may be changing, and the air may be as crisp as a fresh MacIntosh apple, but that doesn’t have to mean the end for your green thumb! These fall favourites are a fantastic way to keep your porch pots full and your heart happy even with the changing climate. To find other fabulous fall flora or to grab one of these stunners, stop by our garden centre in Sherwood Park today.


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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