Our Last-Minute Shopping Guide for Edmonton Local Gifts

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You probably know Salisbury as your go-to place to buy local plants in Edmonton, but it’s a great spot for gifts as well! We’ve got so much more than just houseplants in stock (though, we gotta say, houseplants do make pretty sweet gifts), and with our citywide delivery service available, you can rest assured your orders will arrive in time for the holiday! Don’t risk the gamble of ordering off Amazon this year””by shopping local, you can dodge the huge delays for mail orders and international deliveries this winter.  

Where Can I Shop For Christmas Gifts Online?

With our updated online store, you can easily do your shopping from home, with options for curbside pickup and delivery. Check out our delivery zones to determine shipping rates to your home. We have hundreds of different plants to fit every style and budget, in a spectrum of incredible colours. Warning: you might spend an inordinate amount of time scrolling through all the gorgeous pictures of our new greenhouse plants, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to spend the afternoon gazing at some next-level botanic beauties.  

Our Guide to Edmonton Local Gifts

Shopping local is great for your community, it lowers your carbon footprint, and it offers an opportunity to find something special and unique! Houseplants are particularly special gifts, because they can totally transform a person’s living space, adding so much energy and colour. Studies show that caring for houseplants can ease anxiety and the winter blues, so giving someone a plant can spark a little joy in their life. Sounds like a pretty sweet way to kick off 2021!  

poinsettia and pineapple plant christmas gifts

The Best Houseplants to Give as Gifts

  • Poinsettias are a pretty standard holiday gift, but you’ll be blown away when you see the spectacular varieties available this year! We’ve got your standard red, white and pink varieties, as well as some really gorgeous marbled varieties, Jingle Bells poinsettias with a sparkly, paint splatter effect, and even wacky statement colours like electric lime green. With so many interesting and distinctive styles to choose from, you’re bound to find something special.  
  • Pineapple Plants are just awesome, period. They look like your typical houseplant, but with a little pineapple sprouting from the top! The blades of foliage grow up and outward like a fountain, adding a splash of fun tropical colour to your home decor. They thrive in full sun or partial shade, and can handle both dry or humid climates, so overall they’re pretty easy to keep happy.      
  • Citrus Trees make fantastic gifts for the more experienced plant collectors on your list. While they take a bit more maintenance than your typical houseplant, they’re like, ridiculously beautiful, so I think they’re well worth the effort. Plus, they produce delicious juicy fruits that you can use to make amazing cocktails and other culinary creations. The Meyer lemon is a classic favorite, but we really love the colorful, striped leaves and fruit of our variegated pink lemon tree””the lemon is actually pink on the inside!  
  • Bromeliads have eye catching bracts that are supercharged with vibrant colour, giving the appearance of a giant flower on top that never withers away. Choose from yellow, magenta, or orange, or grab a rainbow mixed arrangement that has one of each!  
  • Low light plants like the ZZ plant and sansevieria are awesome for people who live in apartments, or work in an office with just a little bit of window light. They’re super low-maintenance and can handle a few weeks without watering, so they’re a really great option for beginners. or folks who travel a lot.  
  • Holiday Arrangements are a great way to bring a little winter magic into someone’s home, especially if you aren’t too sure of their style and preferences. You can’t go wrong with seasonal holiday decor! If you’re on the hunt for some lovely local gift baskets to give to coworkers or teachers, opt for a plant basket instead of the typical crackers, cheese and wine combo. After this whirlwind year, I know more than a few folks are trying to cut back on the wine and cheese a bit!
bromeliad and holiday arrangements christmas gifts

Local Handmade Gifts

Okay, hear us out: if you want to find something special that’s handmade”¦ why not make something yourself? We can help! We have so many workshops and DIY kits than you can purchase, so you can custom design your own personalized gift to give to someone special! Or, alternatively, if you’ve got someone on your list with a knack for arts and crafts, you can purchase a DIY kit for them to create themselves.  

All of our DIY kits, like our Driftwood Air Plant kit, come complete with all the materials you need, as well as an instructional video guide to explain all the steps. The end results are so stunning, and the fact that it’s handmade it makes it so much cooler.  

If you want to really let your creativity shine, pick up some succulents and cacti to make your own mixed arrangement! With their shallow root systems, they can be planted in non-traditional decorative containers like vintage birdcages, wall mounted frames, jewelry boxes, and other upcycled containers. We also sell tons of glass terrariums that you can fill with cute plants and colourful pebbles, for a customized gift that’s cool, modern, and far less kitschy than your typical holiday handicrafts.    

last minute gift guide fashion jewellery home decor gift cards

What Else Is In Store at Salisbury?

We’re open to the public every day, so feel free to swing by Salisbury to see all our other departments! On top of our incredible greenhouse bursting with leafy green goodness, you can find all this and more at our unique local shop:

  • Modern Fashion from world renowned designers like Vero Moda and Joseph Ribkoff, and our sustainable, eco-friendly fashion line Nomads, which creates luxurious pieces made from materials like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.    
  • Canadian-Made Jewelry by cutting-edge brands like Silver Suspensions, Jacqueline Kent, and Glee Jewelry.  
  • Home Decor for indoors and outdoors, like our gorgeous stained glass panels, weather-resistant flameless candles, chimes, decorative vases and pots, mirrors, and so much more.
  • Gift Cards, as always, make a great last-minute gift for those hard-to-please types. Plus, with the online shop, buying new plants has never been easier!  

The holidays are so close, we can practically hear the Vince Guaraldi Trio ushering in Christmas with those twinkly piano tunes. Hurry down to pick up some sweet gifts or plants at our local garden centre in St. Albert soon, or add those poinsettias to your online shopping cart before supplies run out!



Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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