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How to Care for Your Fresh Cut Fall Flowers

Salisbury at Enjoy Floral Studio fresh fall flowers

As most of us gardening folk know, spring and summer are not the only times we can have fresh cut flowers in the house. Fall is a fantastic season to take a “snip trip” to your own garden, or indulge in a field trip to your local flower shop and peruse their fresh-cut fall flower selection with their expert florists! Fall into some ideas we have for you and learn how to keep those fresh cuts fresher for longer.  


Who doesn’t love hydrangeas?

There are many different types of fresh-cut fall flowers to incorporate into your fall wedding bouquets or bouquets at home, but these can always be enhanced with fresh-cut local BC hydrangeas brought to you by the flower farmers of British Columbia themselves. With a critical eye for detail and an expert hand, these flower farmers know exactly how and where to cut the hydrangeas so that they will give you the most splendid, long-lasting blooms. If you have ever been to BC, you know that they grow some of the most beautiful and vivid colours of hydrangeas that will make an eye-catching addition to your fresh-cut fall bouquets.  

Salisbury at Enjoy Floral Studio autumn hydrangeas in vase

I love cut hydrangeas, but how do I keep them from wilting?  

Ah yes, this is an ongoing struggle for us fresh-cut hydrangea lovers. When buying hydrangeas from your local flower shop, there are a few steps to consider before sticking them in a vase and admiring them whilst you daydream. First, you should prepare the water in your chosen vase so they can be submerged immediately after you trim them. The water should be room temperature/lukewarm, and you should have received a fresh flower food packet with your cut hydrangeas/flowers.  

Mix the packet contents into the water, or if you have your own fresh-cut flower food, read the instructions to mix the appropriate amount with the right amount of water. Then, you will snip off about 1-2 inches of the hydrangea stem from the bottom (amount depends on how long they have been out of water), and if you can, cut up the middle of each stem about an inch so the hydrangea can suck up more water. Place them in your vase immediately, and keeping them out of any direct sunlight will make them happier. Switching the water every few days will give them the best chance at lasting longer!  


What other local fresh-cut flowers are in season in the fall?

There are many different fresh cuts available at this time, but we will share some of our classic and timeless fall favourites. First, there is the ever-classic sunflower. This sizable bloom makes any fall bouquet pop right into the fall season, and fall is often the only time to get sunflowers at your florist because flower farmers are harvesting them at the peak of their blooming season. You can also add fall mums into your bouquets! These are a fresh-cut flower staple in every fall arrangement. Some other fresh fall favourites are:

Salisbyr at Enjoy floral studio bouquet of fall flowers

  • Goldenrod (Solidago)
  • Wheat sheaves  
  • Sunflowers  
  • Eucalyptus
  • Fall foliage
  • Cattails  
  • Dahlias
  • Alstroemeria, and many more!  


Keep these fresh for as long as possible by following the above guidelines, but no need to snip up each stem. Remember that the stems must all be snipped about an inch before putting them into water, or they will get air bubbles and wilt! We can not have that!  

You have hopefully learned some helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain the freshest cut   fall flowers. Visit our friendly and knowledgeable florists at Salisbury at Enjoy, and allow our artistic and imaginary staff help you create the most beautiful custom bouquet for this gorgeous fall season!

Floral Studio

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Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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