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There will always be plenty of reasons to send a fresh flower delivery. Perhaps you find yourself in the doghouse and need to give “I’m sorry” flowers, or you have a friend that just moved into their very first home, and you’re not sure what’s appropriate for that particular occasion.  

Whatever your reason might be, we’ve put together a guide that helps you pick the right bouquet of flowers and explains what they symbolize. When in doubt, a flower delivery will always help someone smile and turn their day around.  


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Happy Birthday to You

Whether it’s your Mom’s, partner’s, or co-worker birthday, this occasion calls for something bright and cheerful. Try and find out the recipient’s favourite colours. Gerberas are a happy go-to staple that will brighten anyone’s day. They represent cheerfulness, so you can use this as your anchor, and choose the colours that best suit the season. Lilies are another wonderful flower for a birthday because they represent positivity and happiness”“a warm message to be sent along with any birthday bouquet.  

Using yellow and orange lilies for birthdays is recommended, as white and stargazer lilies are traditionally used for sympathy and funeral arrangements. We all know and love roses, and for birthdays we think of going with yellow, meaning joy and friendship, and pink, meaning happiness and appreciation. If you’re not sure exactly what to order for your birthday bouquet, discuss it with your local florist. They are always there to help you make the best choice.


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Happy Anniversary Flowers  

As most of us know, there are gift guidelines for every anniversary year, such as: paper, cotton, or leather, etc. In addition to this, there are also certain flowers for those milestone anniversaries, such as carnations for the 1st anniversary, lily of the valley for the 2nd, and so on. This is a wonderful way to represent your journey with your special someone, and demonstrate your appreciation and thoughtfulness. To make sure your desired flowers are in season, check with your local florist.

While there are many options, roses never fail. Show your love and romantic side by giving your person a big bouquet of red roses…you cannot go wrong with this timeless classic.  


cut white tulips salisbury floral studio

I’m Sorry Bouquet

Uh oh, have you wronged someone and need to make it up to them? We don’t know how bad it is, but we can try to help make it better.

Blue hyacinths are a great start to patching things up with someone you’ve wronged because these are a symbol of peace and sincerity. White tulips are another good choice because they represent respect and forgiveness. Both of these options are mostly available in the springtime, so be sure to consider this when you are making mistakes.

If you just want to make someone smile after a small irritation, or you want to brighten their dark day, sunflowers are always the answer. They are bright and cheerful, and the majority of people love them. When in doubt, get your local florist to deliver a bright mixed bouquet to the person who is mad at you.  


Welcome to Your New Home!

Orchids are, without a doubt, one of the most effective and visually beautiful flowers/plants to give as a housewarming gift. These exotic stunners represent fortune and good luck in love, and are viewed in some cultures as good omens to have in a new home.


-yellow orchid blooming salisbury floral studio

Yellow orchids specifically can represent joy, new beginnings and are a thoughtful gift for any new chapter in someone’s life, such as a new baby or a new job. The blooms of a planted orchid can last for several months, and cut orchids can last for several days and sometimes even several months if cared for properly.  

At our Floral Studio inside Salisbury at Enjoy, we have all of your special occasion needs met when it comes to delivering fresh flowers. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you get it right every time!

Floral Studio

Salisbury at Enjoy has trained florists at your service. Order a beautiful arrangement for any occasion.


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