Eco-Friendly Garden Resolutions for 2023

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The world is changing, and the way we garden is changing, too. No longer just a place to plant a few flowers and grow a few shrubs, there is now a solid need for gardens that work on much deeper levels than before. In 2023, your garden can become an eco-friendly masterpiece by incorporating some of these earth-loving additions into your favourite garden features.  


What Does an Eco-Friendly Garden Look Like?

Every garden can technically be considered eco-friendly, with insect-attracting flowers, shrubs and trees for wildlife, and maybe even fruits and veggies for some homegrown goodness. Heading into 2023, however, there are ways to take things a bit deeper to expand your garden’s reach, productivity, and efficiency for that eco-friendly touch.

Here are some of our favourite ways to make your garden more eco-friendly in 2023 that you can start preparing now:

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Eco-Friendly Garden Resolutions for 2023-chair planterReuse and Recycle

We know the importance of recycling for our environmental consciousness, but it’s just as important for an eco-friendly garden. Using and reusing old, unused pots and containers to hold plants is one of the best ways to add that eco-friendly touch to your 2023 garden. Think old tin baths or buckets, chipped teacups, or planter boxes made from old, unused bricks, tires, and fencing materials. These elements add whimsy and creativity to your garden and help prevent adding to your local landfill.


Stay Local

It might not always be possible, but if you can source-out materials for your eco-friendly garden locally, you will be reducing the carbon footprint dramatically. Double-check the products you grab from your local greenhouse or landscaping store to confirm their source.

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Eco-Friendly Garden Resolutions for 2023-rustic rain barrelWater Conservation

The biggest way to become more eco-friendly in your garden is by conserving water where you can, so make this your garden resolution for 2023! Nothing beats a rain barrel””or two””to collect all the water you need to keep your garden hydrated during the active months. You can also consider an underground rain tank if you’re not fond of large barrels getting in the way.  

Another great way to ensure you are making the most of your water is to water plants at the roots. Your plant’s leaves don’t need to be watered as they draw their supply from the root system, so only watering your plant’s base is the best way to get the water where it needs to go without being wasteful. Planting flowers and other plants in larger containers is also eco-friendly, as it takes bigger pots a lot longer to dry out, thus requiring less watering.


Go Chemical-Free

There is no need for harsh chemicals in your eco-friendly, sustainable garden, and every problem your garden faces can be remedied with a natural solution. Being eco-friendly means finding the most natural way of doing things and making your garden a safe space for insects, birds, pollinators and other wildlife to feed and flourish. Get in the know about natural pest control and other eco-friendly gardening products, and ditch the dangerous sprays!

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Eco-Friendly Garden Resolutions for 2023-rustic rain barrelMake Your Garden Wildlife-Friendly  

The best eco-friendly gardens of 2023 will be those abuzz with pollinators, feathered friends, and other wildlife. By adding pollinator-friendly flowers, your garden will look amazing and provide nourishment for important pollinators like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and moths. With these guys hovering around, you’ve also got some natural pest control on board, so it’s a win-win; many songbirds will start hanging around for the insect feast, too!


Install a Pond

No matter what kind of space you have in your eco garden, constructing a small pond feature will attract important wildlife like frogs and insects. The more insects you invite to the party, the more birds will show up to feast, and before you know it, you’ve got your very own eco-friendly garden, all by adding a tiny water feature!

Need more help planning your eco-friendly garden in 2023? No problem! Visit us at one of our Salisbury Greenhouse locations in Sherwood Park or St. Albert, AB, and we’ll be happy to help kickstart your gardening new year with eco-friendly ideas and products!



Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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