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jade indoor plant potted- salisbury greenhouse

Jade Houseplant Care 101

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie looking to dabble into houseplant life, or a seasoned plant parent interested in expanding your collection, a jade plant is for you! This low maintenance beauty makes

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Potted Poinsettia next to ribbon wrapped gift | Salisbury Greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Is Your Holiday Houseplant Safe

Is Your Holiday Houseplant Safe? American Mistletoe Folktale! 1 A kiss under the American mistletoe is completely safe! Ingestion can cause stomach upset, so hang it up high and save the lips for smooching. Poinsettia

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Salisbury Greenhouse-Bonsai for Beginners-bonsai beginners

Bonsai for Beginners

Since 500 or 1000 BC, Chinese Buddhist monks have grown bonsai trees to bring the peace and balance of the outdoors inside, and to this day, this is what the bonsai represents. Are you thinking

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Salisbury Greenhouse-String of Hearts Care-string of hearts

String of Hearts Care Untangled

  Many houseplants impress us with their bright flowers, but the String of Hearts has a different way of entertaining you. The unique, trailing foliage looks like a waterfall flowing over the edge of the

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Salisbury Greenhouse-Christmas Cactus FAQs Answered-Christmas cactus

Christmas Cactus FAQs Answered

  Got any falling buds, red hues, or wilty stems? This popular houseplant is easy to care for, but as with any houseplant or gardening project, questions do come up. Here are all the answers

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why your houseplant hates you salisbury greenhouse sherwood park st. albert

Why Your Houseplant Hates You

“This houseplant HATES ME!” We’ve all said it, and at the time, it really seemed to be true. If this is you, and you’re verging on declaring yourself an official black thumb, take heart””it doesn’t

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