These Houseplants Will Blow Up in 2021

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What houseplants will you be looking to add to your collection in 2021? There are so many unique plants out there that are gaining popularity, some for the first time and some old favourites are resurging, and some just keep steadily getting more and more popular. Here are the houseplants that we think will be trending in 2021.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

Yes, the fiddles will still be in the spotlight in 2021. They can be a tricky plant to keep happy, but once you get their ideal environment set up, they’re so rewarding to have. Their giant violin-shaped leaves are so lush and beautiful. The trick to Fiddle Leaf figs is bright but indirect light and a dedicated humidifier. If you’re not thrilled with Fiddles, be on the lookout for other ficus varieties. It’s a pretty big family of plants, and some unique varieties are likely to start becoming more popular.  

ficus lyrata and calathea

Prayer Plants (Calathea & Maranta)

Prayer plants became more popular last year, and as a result, we started to see more and more varieties. There are so many unique and different types of calathea, and people are starting to build collections of them. Prayer plants are so awesome because they’re low-light tolerant and not too difficult to care for. Keep your eyes peeled for some unique varieties in 2021!


You’re starting to see more and more anthuriums again. They’re such a unique looking and relatively low-maintenance plant. They’re popular because of their unique looking bloom spikes that grow out of shiny, waxy brightly-coloured leaves. They’ve got an exotic tropical look to them, and the blooms can last for 2-3 months. Anthuriums need lots of bright light but not direct sunlight. If they’re placed in low-light situations, they won’t flower as often. 

anthurium and coffee arabica

Coffee Arabica 

Everyone wants to grow their own coffee plant! It’s a really cool plant to grow, but we have to warn you, it’ll be at least a few years before your coffee plant is mature enough to flower and produce fruit. The coffee arabica you’ll find in Canada is a dwarf variety, and it should only grow to about 12-14 inches tall. Coffee plants also like a lot of humidity, so keep them near your humidifier. 

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Chinese evergreen is building a dedicated following. They’re simple, beautiful, and so easy to care for. They’re a tough, reliable, and easy-care houseplant that tolerates pretty much any conditions. They’re great for beginner plant parents, and they’re a welcome easy addition to a more experienced plant person’s collection, too. Chinese Evergreens are slow-growing, but eventually, they can become quite large plants, and if they have a very bright spot, they may even bloom for you. 


String-of-Dolphins (Senecio Peregrinus)

String-of-pearls is still pretty popular, but even more so, String of Dolphins is boldly stepping into the limelight. String-of-Dolphins is popular because it is relatively easy to care for, and it has the cutest little succulent leaves. They actually look like a dolphin jumping out of the water, with a cute little dorsal fin and everything! There are several different types of Senecios out there; collect them all in the new year!

Umbrella Plant (Schefflera)

Umbrella plants have these long shiny green leaves that droop gracefully from a tall central stalk. They look kind of like an umbrella, hence the name. A mature plant may have up to 16 leaves on each stalk! Younger plants usually have 4-6. In their natural environment umbrella plants bloom, but indoors it’s pretty unlikely””these charming houseplants like warmth and humidity. 

string of dolphins and umbrella plant

Will you be adding some of these trending houseplants for 2021 to your collection? If you’re looking for something specific, stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook, and visit regularly. Our tropical collection is always changing, so you never know when we might get one of your bucket list plants in.  

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