Mental Wellness with Plants Series: Houseplants to Help You Manifest a Great Year Ahead

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These plants are sure to fill your home with prosperity in 2023!

If you’re into Feng Shui, you probably know that some houseplants are considered exceptionally lucky when placed correctly in the home. According to this ancient practice, and many other design and scientific principles, all space needs living energy to thrive, and plants are one of the best ways to keep “life force,” or chi, moving throughout an interior space. Keeping certain plants nearby that are associated with prosperity not only keeps the air clean, but also might just bring you a bit of luck, too. Here are some of our favourite prosperity houseplants to try this year that both radiate and attract wealth, peace, and happiness. 

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants to Help You Manifest a Great Year Ahead-jade plant


With beautiful round leaves that resemble auspicious coins, the jade plant is often coined the money plant and stands as one of the best prosperity houseplants you can bring into your home. Native to South Africa, the jade is an easy succulent houseplant to care for and requires little in the way of water or fuss. However, they do require plenty of bright, indirect sunlight every day to thrive, as well as excellent drainage to avoid damaging roots with water. A well-kept jade plant can live up to a hundred years or longer, and these plants are often passed down between generations as a token of familial wealth and prosperity. Because of their rich association with material wealth and abundance, they are also quite often given as housewarming gifts.

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants to Help You Manifest a Great Year Ahead-lucky bamboo


It’s not hard to spot these prosperous plants in gardening shops, garden centres, and even grocery stores! Their winding stems and leafy tops make them popular houseplants, and being branded as “lucky” adds to their widespread appeal as a plant to have around for prosperity. Lucky bamboo isn’t actually bamboo at all; rather, it’s a type of Dracaena plant, so ensuring you know how to properly care for it is key to its good health and lucky personality. Lucky bamboo can thrive in low light conditions and is often grown in water, though you can also plant it in well-draining soil. If you do decide to go the water route, make sure you keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t dry out.

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants to Help You Manifest a Great Year Ahead-money tree


These popular tropical houseplants are highly regarded as symbols of good luck and prosperity by feng shui practitioners, and are among the easiest plants to grow indoors. Thought to have their origins in the story of a poor Taiwanese farmer during the 1980s who scored it big by selling strange plants growing in his field, the money tree plant gained immense popularity first in Asia, then throughout the world! They are often purchased with braided stems to give them a denser trunk and attractive appearance. Give these prosperity plants bright but indirect sunlight and, as with most of your houseplants, ensure proper drainage, so their roots aren’t sitting in water.

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants to Help You Manifest a Great Year Ahead-lavender plants


Many people aren’t aware that lavender is also considered a lucky prosperity houseplant. Indeed, lavender is one of the few prosperity plants that you can enjoy in tea, a soothing bath, and even baked goods! Its known healing properties and long history of use in bathing and cleansing make it a favourite for indoor use. Lavender is widely believed to offer protection from bad energy and promote a calm atmosphere due to its wonderful aroma, which invites the energies of good health into whatever space it’s grown. Make sure you give your indoor lavender bright light daily and good, well-draining soil to ensure your continued prosperity for many years to come.

Salisbury Greenhouse-Alberta-Houseplants to Help You Manifest a Great Year Ahead-jasmine plant


Another highly-fragrant prosperity plant sure to entice a serene, peaceful energy into your home is Jasmine. The sweet smell of the jasmine flower is known to induce relaxation and keep the good vibes flowing as a houseplant. Jasmine represents love, beauty, and sensuality, making it the perfect prosperity plant to have indoors if you’re hoping to manifest a little luck in the relationship department!

If manifesting good fortune, health and love is on your radar in 2023 and you want to know where to find prosperity plants in the Edmonton area, look no further! Come by the greenhouse and let’s talk about how prosperity houseplants will add new, vibrant energy to your home today.


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