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Home Styling with Houseplants

living room with houseplants

If you’re anything like me, you’re flipping through the latest issues of Magnolia Journal or Elle Decor while you stand in line at the grocery store, fantasizing about what your home could be – or looking for inspiring styles that you can incorporate into your current space. 

Or maybe you’re like me in the sense that you endlessly scroll through Pinterest and Instagram seeking a spark of creativity to F I N A L L Y pull your home office together for a boost of motivation to hammer out projects.

Or maybe you’re really like me, and you do both. I hear ya, sista. And if you’re starting to incorporate plants into your interior space (because your office really needs them for optimal brain power), you may find yourself struggling a tish to pull it all together. Or maybe not. 
Regardless, I’ve got some quick tips to styling your houseplants in their best light – for them and for you – and some inspiring plant ladies you can stalk while you’re unloading your next cart of groceries.

Design Tip #1 Feel free to browse any and all visual platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest looking for ideas, but in the end, you’ve got to stick true to your personal style. Otherwise it’s not going to jive. If you’re inclined to black and white, clean lines in the home, I don’t care how popular warm boho beach hues are, it’s not a fit.

Design Tip #2 Along the same lines, take a good look at what vibe your current interior space gives. If it’s warm, cozy, hygge, that really sets your evenings on fire, then follow that suit. If you’re still searching for your style, or it’s evolving as YOU evolve. I get it. My fashion sense changes with every milestone. Take this quiz from Apartment Therapy (another great source for trending design styles – and life) and search appropriately. Teaser Alert: I took the quiz, scored Artful Bohemian, and that is sooo me!

living room designed in the konmari method

Design Tip #3 Once you’ve got a good feel for your home-girl swagger, it’s time to evaluate your decor props. This is a process that’s both fun, exciting and kind of messy. Start by grouping together your favorite pieces, there’s no sense staging a vase, container or piece of art if it doesn’t trip your trigger. Seriously, if you’ve got extra chaos in your space, take a cue from Marie Kondo, tell it “thank you” and pass it along. Bye.

Bonus Tip: If you feel you’re missing a few inspiring elements, my go-to shopping spree is Etsy. Those hand making mavens are an instant boost of fashion sense. Extra Bonus Tip: If this part of the process ever gets tedious or frustrating and has you reaching for another glass of wine. That’s fine. Get your refill, and then step away. Clarity comes with a little time for playful imagination.

preparing for plant parenthood in the living room

Design Tip #4 Bring on the plants! If you already have some favorite, oxygen-enhancing foliage friends living in your home – great! Start mixing them into the fold. If you’re ready for Plant Parenthood, but not sure where to start, congratulations. That’s what we’re here for. You can start by taking a quick quiz we put together to help you find your SPIRIT PLANT. Because as mentioned before, let’s avoid anything that’s not raising our spirits (including that glass of wine – how’s that doing?).

Design Tip #5 START DESIGNING. You got this. Move pieces, remove pieces, add extras, imagine extras. Put a vignette together and see how it resonates with you. When I pull together my favorite pieces and pair them with my favorite plants, I look for growth styles, colours and textures that energize and complement their companions. For example, the upright, strict structure of the ZZ plant, next to a easy-flowing vining ivy will add two dimensions of character. Or go bold with the dark burgundy leaves of the Rubber Plant and add Silver Satin pothos for contrast.

PRO TIP #6 If you’re still not feeling it. If your personal designing mojo isn’t putting together a view you can get excited about, come design in our greenhouse. Feel free to bring some of our favorite decor pieces — or a picture of your space — and we’ll help you match houseplants to your style, light, and spirit animal.

Kaekoo Shop, Studio Plants, Jnaydaily

In the meantime, as promised, check out these inspirational homes styled with houseplants that raise my jealousy meter by a full Fiddle-Leaf fig tree.

Kaekoo Shop: When clean lines meet a desert boho vibe and plants soften the space. She makes me want to cozy-up to her cactus.

Studio Plants: For a fresh take on greenery in the home. Seriously, her Instagram feed will put a spring in your step.  

Jnaydaily: For an daily reminder to LOVE YO SELF, and take plant selfies.

Follow the hashtag: #UrbanJungle for all plant-filled spaces chaotic and poetic all in the same.

Hey, and if you’re feeling generous, give us a follow: SalisburyGreenhouse. We’ll share insta-plant goodness as it rolls into the greenhouse.

Final Tip: Give a lil, get a little. If you’re following trendy, houseplant stylers, or interior designers that really have a beat on how to pull together a vignette, share with us on Facebook or Instagram! We could all use a more plant inspiration.


Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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