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Although we can purchase nearly any kind of flower right at home, visiting the farms that these flowers come from is a great way to indulge in the history and natural beauty of flowers! From Canada to South America to Europe, you can see incredible sights and learn all about how floral exports support local economies.  

When you are ready to travel again, mark these amazing floral locations on your bucket list.


British Columbia, Canada

Start close to home by visiting British Columbia! The warmth of the coast provides great growing conditions for many florals including: tulips, hydrangeas, and bleeding hearts.  

Hydrangeas are known for their large clusters of blooms and are their beauty. The best time to view them is in September, after they have fully matured.  

If you love tulips but don’t want to head to the Netherlands to see the fields, the Chilliwack Tulip Festival has been running for 15 years and hosts nearly 50,000 visitors per season! It is hosted by Western Canada’s largest and most recognized tulip farm, Chilliwack Tulips, which partnered with Onos Greenhouses to create their stunning fields. The rows of colour will be sure to brighten your spring!


roses at Salisbury Floral Studio


Head to the equator for some of the most ideal growing conditions you can find! With natural light all year round, high elevation, and volcanic soil, many flowers grow slowly, developing long stems and large heads””perfect for flowers like roses, daisies, and more! You can find baby’s breath, carnations, chrysanthemums, and over 60 varieties of roses there.  

Since the climate is ideal and production is inexpensive, flower exportation has become a huge economic boost. If you’re looking to tour a venue, Rosadex Rose Farm in Quito is a beautiful farm with a french-style and neo-classical hacienda established in 1919. They grow 38 varieties of roses. With museums and tours, any flower lover will be happy to visit here!


-tulips in netherlands - salisbury floral studio

The Netherlands

The tulip was once a status symbol in 17th century Holland. They were so popular that an economic bubble was created, starting “tulipmania.” Although it eventually burst, the Netherlands stayed at the bulb and floral trade epicentre and made a major contribution to the economy

While famous for their tulips, the Netherlands also cultivate and export other bulbs such as: daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. The country’s horticultural experts work hard to breed and introduce new cultivars of flowers each year.  

To visit the tulip and bulb farms, make your way North of Amsterdam in early April. Keep in mind that part of bulb development involves cutting off the blooms! If you want to visit a garden that leaves the flower heads intact, head to Keukenhof Flower Park; it is the world’s largest flower park, displaying nearly 7 million flowers each year. Be sure to plan your trip for spring, as it is only open in April and May.  


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Provence, France

While in Europe, make your way to Provence in the South of France to witness the iconic French countryside with stunning rows of lavender. You can travel to many areas to see these fields, and the best time to go is in July.  

If you’re looking for a mix of architectural history with your flower touring, pay a visit to Sénanque Abbey in Gordes, Provence. The Abbey was built in the 1100s, where monks lived and made a living off of their lavender fields, continuing to do so today. Their efforts inspired surrounding farmers and led to the wealth of lavender farms in the region. The Lavender Museum in Luberon has tours, workshops, and more.  

No matter where your travels, you can always enjoy fresh blooms right here at The Floral Studio at Salisbury at Enjoy, where we can help you build the perfect arrangement for any occasion!

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