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Category: Plant TLC

Houseplants in the Winter

Houseplants in the Winter By Rob Sproule Less Light = Less Water Dry Air Beware the Draft “Say aloe to my little friend.” – Scarface? Less Light = Less Water: Feeling sluggish? Light levels plummet

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Types of Succulents

Types of Succulents By Rob Sproule A World of Succulents Aeoniums Aloes Crassula Haworthia Kalanchoe “The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.” – Felix Mendelssohn A World of Succulents: Feeling overwhelmed in the

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African Violets

African Violets By Rob Sproule Where Do They Come From? African Violet Care 101 Watering & Fertilizing Getting Them to Flower Are African Violets Poisonous? “I perhaps owe having becoming a painter to flowers.” –

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Transplanting Your Succulent

Transplanting Your Succulent By Rob Sproule Transplanting Basics Succulent Soil The Operation Post-Op You’ve fallen in love and brought it home, but now what? Transplanting your succulent from the plastic pot you bought it in,

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Staghorn Fern Care

Staghorn Fern Care By Rob Sproule Where do They Come From? Caring for Staghorns Are They Poisonous to Cats? Admit it, the plant geek in you loves these things! But where do they come from,

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Evergreen Tree

The Hidden Benefits of Evergreens

The Hidden Benefits of Evergreens by Rob Sproule Energy Conservation Privacy Wildlife Air Quality They’re big. They’re foolproof. They kill the grass. But what else do you know about evergreens? How about that they can

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Heat Waves

Heat Waves By Rob Sproule “¨When to Water, and When Not To Keeping Roots Cool Minimizing Heat Stress When a heat wave hits, it’s not just humans and pets who get uncomfortable. Prolonged high temperatures

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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain   By: Rob Sproule Assessing the Damage Rainy Seasons “The green reed that bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak that breaks in the storm.” – Confucius Weather happens. Our

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Darkness Dwelling Plants

Darkness Dwelling Plants By, Rob Sproule ZZ Plant Peace Lily Chinese Evergreen I hear it daily. People wanting to have more plants in their indoor spaces, for health or aesthetics, but don’t have enough light.

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What’s Wrong with my Herbs?

What’s Wrong with my Herbs? A Trouble Shooting Guide By, Rob Sproule Not Enough Light Water-Logged Soil Softened Water Dry Winter Air Insects When the winter winds blow and everything outside, well, dies, a windowsill

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Your Fall Gardening Checklist

Your Fall Gardening Checklist By, Rob Sproule Garden Surgery Plant Fall Bulbs Make your Bed Deal with your Pots Put the Rake Away Service Your Mower There’s a saying in retail businesses that you “close

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Gray Mold

Gray Mold

Gray Mold by Rob Sproule Most fuzzy things are just plain cute. Who can resist an over-plushed teddy bear or a fuzzy caterpillar in the palm. This article is about one fuzzy thing that’s more

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For the Love of Hostas

For the Love of Hostas by Rob Sproule I’ve come to learn that those who love hostas, love them a lot, and those who don’t love hostas.. still like them quite a bit. They’re one

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Close up image of a pile of raspberries | Salisbury Greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Raspberries 101

Raspberries  101 by Rob Sproule Fresh raspberries and ice cream is one of summer’s sweetest delights. For the number of people who adore raspberries, it’s surprising that more aren’t growing them. Granted, they have a

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Training Your Tomato

Training Your Tomato by Rob Sproule Tomatoes embody the best of summer.  From the nostalgic smell of the leaves to the juice running down your chin,  they’re Canadian’s far-and-away favourite edible  to  grow, and for

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Gardening as an Antidepressant

Gardening As An Antidepressant by Rob Sproule If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that gardening makes you happy.  Growing plants is an uplifting, life-affirming contrast with our often frustratingly repetitive  daily routine.

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Pruning in April

Pruning in April By Rob Sproule April is the gardeners’ pacing month. The snow has melted, the sun warms us and the brown, bare garden taunts us. When it’s too warm to be inside but

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Secrets to Healthy Soil

Secrets to Healthy Soil (or – The Difference between Dirt and Soil) by Rob Sproule Dirt or Soil?   It’s an old joke in the greenhouse “˜biz’ that when someone says “dirt”, you correct them

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El Niño and your Garden

El Niño and your Garden by Rob Sproule   We’ve all heard about it. For a year the news has told us about a “blob” of warm water gathering in the central Pacific like an

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Alberta Lemons: A Starter’s Guide

Alberta Lemons: A Starter’s Guide By Rob Sproule Lemon trees are becoming a go-to houseplant as people discover their incredible scent, elegant foliage and that you really can grow real lemons. At the greenhouse, we

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