The Best New Annuals of 2022

mayan sunset petunia annual

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It’s almost time to get planting, and we have some stunning new annuals growing in our Sherwood Park greenhouses for you to add to your garden! We’re bringing in specialty calibrachoas, petunias, verbena, and more! These blooms are vibrant and stunning, guaranteed to get your neighbours asking where you found such unique annuals.


--proven winners Superbells Double Twilight_1

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Calibrachoa ““ Superbells Double Twilight

The Superbells Double Twilight is a gorgeous, bushy annual with vibrant purple blooms that are deep purple in the centre and fade to a pastel lilac. The scalloped petals are soft and delicate, similar to a petunia. Don’t worry about having to savour these blooms while they last””they’ll stick around from planting to frost!  

Best of all, this plant is happy in the heat and doesn’t require deadheading. Simply plant in full sun, make sure it has good drainage, and water once the top few inches of soil are dry. It will grow up to 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. For bonus points, consider pruning to make your plant look bushy and bright.  


-ladybird sunglow and lemonade

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Calylophus ““ Ladybird Sunglow and Lemonade

If yellow is your favourite colour, look no further than the Ladybird Sunglow or Ladybird Lemonade. These calylophus’ are absolutely stunning, with vibrant yellow blooms and textured green foliage. It’s heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant, resistant to deer, and blooms all season””what more can you ask for! This little bush of sunshine does best in full or partial sun with well-draining soil. It will grow 4-8 inches tall and up to 20 inches wide. If you’re looking for a pop of something unique to add to your spring annuals, this is the plant for you.  


-proven winners Supertunia Vista Jazzberry

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Petunia ““ Supertunia Vista Jazzberry

Petunias are a classic choice for front porch containers! If you want to shake things up and find a variety with character, we highly recommend the Supertunia Vista Jazzberry. This annual has bright purple flowers that will attract pollinators and butterflies, and the blooms will stick around all season! They are a fantastic option for containers, and will grow best in full to part sun. At about 24 inches tall at most, this is the perfect plant to fill in the empty spaces in your garden bed or accent robust foliage.






Photo credit: greenvalleygardencentre.com

Petunia ““ Crazytunia Mayan Sunset

You know how sunsets have the most vibrant tones of orange and pink that take your breath away? Imagine those colours captured within a flower! Each bloom of the Crazytunia Mayan Sunset has incredibly vibrant colours, with a bright orange centre and dark pink edges. It’s easy to get lost staring into them! You can enjoy these blooms all season long with no need to deadhead. This plant will be happiest in part to full sun and only grow to a modest 10 inches tall. It’s a great filler plant if you’re looking to design a spectacular container for your front porch!  


-proven winners Suncredible Saturn Helianthus

Photo credit: www.provenwinners.com

Helianthus ““ Suncredible Saturn

If you love sunflowers but don’t want the variety that will tower over your garden, the Suncredible Saturn is a fantastic choice to bring the beauty of sunflowers to your landscape without adding the crazy height. It has bright yellow blooms with a brown centre and an orange ring in the middle. These blooms last a little longer than similar varieties, and are great for planting at the back of a flower bed or by a fence. They get up to 2-3 feet tall and prefer to grow in full sun. You can tidy these up as they need it, but these little rays of sunshine don’t require deadheading to keep them blooming.


-proven winners verbena cake pops purple

Photo credit: www.provenwinners.com

Verbena ““ Cake Pops Purple

These tiny clusters of purple flowers are not only adorable, but they look like little cake pops! Cake Pops Purple is a great option to add colour and texture to your garden bed or to serve as a filler or spiller in a container arrangement. The flowers are consistently purple, always blooming, and attract pollinators, butterflies, and birds! They grow 10-18 inches tall and require full sun for the best growth. We highly recommend combining them with the Ladybird Sunglow or the Crazytunia Mayan Sunset for bright, beautiful planters with lots of pizazz.  

If we’ve inspired you, visit us at our Salisbury Greenhouse location in Sherwood Park for the best selection of 2022 annuals to add to your garden! This location has an extensive selection that will be sure to make your landscape the envy of the neighbourhood.



Read through our Growing Guides for tips to enrich your garden! 

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