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Growing 101

Tag: Edmonton Gardening

Heat Waves

Heat Waves By Rob Sproule “¨When to Water, and When Not To Keeping Roots Cool Minimizing Heat Stress When a heat wave hits, it’s not just humans and pets who get uncomfortable. Prolonged high temperatures

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Best New Edibles for 2017

Best New Edibles for 2017 By: Rob Sproule The New Gardening Tomato ‘Chocolate Sprinkles’ Thyme ‘Spicy Orange’ Pepper “˜Bhut Jolokia’ Cucumber ‘Salad Bush’ Kale ‘Prizm’ ” Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.

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Gardening with Native Grasses

Gardening with Native Grasses By: Rob Sproule Grasses, Grasses, Everywhere The Benefits of Grasses Best Varieties for Alberta “The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious,

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Growing Asparagus in Alberta

Growing Asparagus in Alberta By: Rob Sproule Asparagus 101 The Art of Harvesting Good and Good For You Fresh asparagus is a short-season wonder that travels across our dinner plates like a shooting star. It’s

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Christmas Cactus 101

Christmas Cactus 101 By Rob Sproule Care Bloom Trouble Shooting What do the jungle covered mountains in southeastern Brazil have to do with Christmas? The small Schlumbergera genus clings to the damp rocks and moss

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Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Kitchen Scrap Gardening By Rob Sproule We may be done with our fruits and veggies after dinner, but they’re not always done with us. The scraps we throw away often have the potential to keep

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Summer vs Winter Squash

Summer vs Winter Squash By Rob Sproule Growing Them Harvesting At the Grocery Store At supermarkets in the Fall I feel like a pilgrim in a strange land. Odd shapes, bulbous and rounded, are stacked

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Gray Mold

Gray Mold

Gray Mold by Rob Sproule Most fuzzy things are just plain cute. Who can resist an over-plushed teddy bear or a fuzzy caterpillar in the palm. This article is about one fuzzy thing that’s more

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Laying Sod 101

Laying Sod 101 By Rob Sproule Sod or Seed? You may not be able to buy love, but as far as a new lawn goes, you can buy time. When you either want a new

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Close up image of a pile of raspberries | Salisbury Greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Raspberries 101

Raspberries  101 by Rob Sproule Fresh raspberries and ice cream is one of summer’s sweetest delights. For the number of people who adore raspberries, it’s surprising that more aren’t growing them. Granted, they have a

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Top 3 New Annuals Of 2016

Top 3 New Annuals Of 2016 by Rob Sproule Gardening is as timeless as hobbies get. But while we’ve been growing daisies and pansies for  hundreds of years, and will be hundreds of years from

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The Mosquito Proof Yard

The Mosquito Proof Yard By: Rob Sproulemosqutio Standing Water Changing the Habitat Defence Disease: Myths and Facts Nature is wondrous. While my bug articles are usually, inevitably, about getting rid of said bug, I normally

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Fall Tree Planting | Salisbury Greenhouse, St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Fall Tree Planting

Fall Tree Planting By Rob Sproule “¨The Best Time to Plant Preparing the Ground Giving Your Tree the Best Start A yard without trees is like a home without walls.   The floor and furnishings

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