How To Make DIY Solar Lights For Your Garden

Spring is right around the corner, and we’re gearing up for a season full of late-night backyard barbecues “” but before we fire up the grills and crack open some cold ones, there’s one essential item no garden should be without; DIY solar lights! After all, you don’t want your guests stumbling around in the dark and accidentally trampling your pansies. 

There are so many cool and creative DIY solar light projects you can make at home using inexpensive, upcycled items. We’re all about living that green lifestyle, so any opportunity to repurpose old junk into something beautiful is something we can get behind. Here are our five favourite solar light ideas that you can create this year!

5 Amazing DIY Garden Solar Lights You Can Make At Home

Is your garden in need of a glow-up? Grab your hot glue gun and prepare to get crafty “” these DIY solar lights for Edmonton gardens are going to add so much ambience to your backyard landscape. 

How To Make Wine Bottle Solar Lights (featuring Kim on Protea Wines USA)

Wine Bottle Solar Lights

Got a few extra wine bottles sitting in the recycling bin? Why not make use of them! Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a new bottle or two. Hey, it’s for the crafts! 

For this DIY lighting setup, we recommend picking up a kit made especially for converting wine bottles into lanterns. The bulb gets inserted into the bottle and is secured in place with a cork-like stopper with solar panels on top. Many of these kits also come with metal hangers that fasten around the bottle so that you can suspend them around the yard. 

For a little extra something to jazz up your wine bottle lanterns (and also to make it look less like you have a bunch of old empties strewn about), you can buy some vinyl decals in pretty colours and patterns, and stick them onto the sides of the bottle. 

Left: Solar Light Chandelier by Frou Frugal; right: Repurposed Chandelier by My Repurposed Life

Solar Chandeliers

If you want to amp up the opulence and atmosphere in your garden, try making your own solar-powered chandelier! Search around at some thrift stores to see if you can find a cool candelabra chandelier for cheap, and if necessary, give it a fresh coat of primer and paint. Good as new!

Next, you’ll want to pick up some stake lights with stylish glass toppers and remove the stakes, so you’re just left with the main bulb part. Use some waterproof glue, such as gorilla glue, and attach each little lantern onto the candle holders. You’ll be amazed by how elegant the finished product looks!

How To Make Tin Can Lanterns by Thinly Spread

Tin Can Lanterns

You might be thinking, who would want to decorate their yard with old tin cans? Well, I gotta tell you, I was pretty shocked at how beautifully these lanterns turned out. The trick is to do some artful hole drilling through the sides of the cans, so they cast a twinkly, star-like glow all around. 

First things first, you’ll need to scrub your cans well to make sure there isn’t any sticky label gunk left behind. Dry them off, and then with a permanent marker, draw out the pattern you want for your drill holes. 

For your drill, a brad bit is a preferable size to make holes without buckling or damaging the can. Add some extra holes to the bottom of the can so water can drain out if there’s a heavy rain. Then, add a hole on opposite sides near the brim of the can, so you can weave some wire through to hang it up. 

Grab some weatherproof spray paint and thoroughly coat the inside and outside of the can “” this will help to prevent rust, plus it just makes them look a little fancier. Attach some small solar lights inside with waterproof caulk, and let it dry for a full 24 hours before you hang them outside. These lanterns look especially pretty when hung string-light style over seating areas or along fences.

Glowing Outdoor Orbs by The Art of Doing Stuff

Solar Glowing Orb Lanterns 

These lanterns are downright dreamy! They look just like miniature moons””perhaps we should call them lunar lanterns instead? You can place these lanterns directly on the ground, and they’ll fill your garden with a warm, ethereal glow. They’re perfect for filling in any bare gaps in the garden bed.

For the orb, all you need is some of those glass globe lighting shades, preferably with a semi-opaque or frosted finish. There are cheap ones available online, but it wouldn’t be hard to find them in a thrift shop. You don’t even need to attach them to your solar bulbs “” you can simply press the stakes down into the soil, and then pop the globe on top! It couldn’t be more simple.

For all your DIY garden lighting needs, Salisbury has got you covered. Visit us at our greenhouse, and we’ll help you gather all the supplies you need to transform your yard into a twinkly, beautiful outdoor living space that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining. Cheers to the beginning of patio season!

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