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Homegrown Grilling: The Best Summer Vegetables For Canada Day

Homegrown Grilling The Best Summer Vegetables for Canada Day main vegetable skewers

Canada Day is the ideal occasion for a barbecue party. Skip the crowded restaurant patios and rowdy street parties, stock up on hand sanitizer, and throw your own summer bash in the backyard with close friends and fam! With all of these amazing summer vegetables in season, we can go beyond the basic burger-and-hotdog fare and make some truly spectacular grilled veggie creations. Get out in the garden, or swing by your local farmers market to gather the vegetables needed for these delicious Canada Day barbecue recipes.

Garden Vegetable Skewers

Making grilled veggie skewers is one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to enjoy a ton of flavourful vegetables in a whole rainbow of colours. All you need is some wooden skewers, some oil and seasonings or your favourite marinade, and an assortment of bite-sized garden munchables. The best vegetables for grilling include:

  • Bell peppers
  • Zucchini
  • Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Eggplant
  • Baby potatoes

If you have any fresh herbs from the garden, like oregano, dill, or cilantro, you can give your skewers that extra burst of flavour by mincing them up with some garlic, salt and pepper, and adding them to some oil and lemon juice for an easy 5-minute marinade.

Homegrown Grilling The Best Summer Vegetables for Canada Day grilled corn

Easy BBQ Corn With Ancho Chilli Butter

Corn has so much sweetness to it, so when you grill it with the husks off, it gets that perfect crispy, smoky char coating. To ensure it doesn’t get too dried out, soak your corn in cold water for 30 minutes before popping them on the grill! Turn the cobs every couple of minutes to ensure they’re cooked evenly and don’t get too blackened.

For the spicy ancho chilli butter, similar to the kind you get with Mexican Elote corn, just fill a bowl with softened butter and add dried ancho chilli powder, grated Cojita cheese (or feta, if you can’t find Cojita), and season with salt and pepper to taste. Easy-peasy! 

Homegrown Grilling The Best Summer Vegetables for Canada Day grilled tomato with cheese and herbs

Grilled Tomatoes With Cheese and Herbs

If you’re looking for creative ways to use up those big, beefsteak tomatoes that weigh nearly a pound each, try slicing them in half, topping them with your choice of cheese and herbs, and placing them in one of those cheap, disposable metal trays. Place the tray inside the grill, and let the barbecue work its magic. The melted cheese, fragrant herbs, and tomato-y goodness will satisfy that Italian food craving, and it’s even keto-friendly!

Some good cheese and herb pairings include:

  • Parmesan and Oregano 
  • Mozzarella and Basil (plus a balsamic glaze drizzle!)
  • Manchego and Chili Powder
  • Havarti and Dill
  • Jalapeño Jack and Cilantro   
Homegrown Grilling The Best Summer Vegetables for Canada Day grilled romaine

Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad

Regular Caesar salad? Nothing to write home about. Grilled Caesar salad?! Now that’s some seriously boujee barbecue fare. Impress your guests with this fancy twist on a staple side dish that’s as easy to make as it is delicious.

Start by rinsing off some romaine hearts (one per guest), and slicing off the first couple inches from the top. Those soft leafy bits that lack stem won’t maintain much structure, so you want to keep the sturdier bits and toss the rest. Coat the romaine hearts with oil, salt and pepper, toss them on the grill, and turn regularly until they get a nice crispy char.

Place each grilled romaine heart on a plate and drizzle with smoked Caesar dressing, shaved parmesan, crumbled bacon and a wedge of lemon. You’ll want to eat this salad with a fork and knife instead of tearing up the lettuce like you normally would. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you could omit Caesar dressing for blue cheese dressing and crumble a little gorgonzola on top!

Need any last-minute tools or supplies to get your barbecue patio party all set up? Visit Salisbury Greenhouse in-store, place a telephone order, or order online from our webstore! As usual, we have delivery and curbside pickup options available. Happy Canada Day from all of us at Salisbury!


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