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Bug Friendly Gardening

Some folks tend to get a bit squeamish at the sight of bugs scuttling around their yard, but it’s time we shift our perspectives and appreciate everything that beneficial insects have to offer.

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Nematodes and Japanese Beetles

Nematodes and Japanese Beetles Japanese Beetles in Our Gardens Nematodes Using Nematodes in the Garden “Never stop fighting till the fight is done.” – Eliot Ness With the time and energy that we put into

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Cherry Maggots

Cherry Maggots by Rob Sproule We’ve heard a lot about apple maggots lately and, unfortunately, the prognosis for backyard apple growers is pretty dire. For every fruit there is a pest, it seems, and for

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The Mosquito Proof Yard

The Mosquito Proof Yard By: Rob Sproulemosqutio Standing Water Changing the Habitat Defence Disease: Myths and Facts Nature is wondrous. While my bug articles are usually, inevitably, about getting rid of said bug, I normally

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Scarlet Lily Beetle

Scarlet Lily Beetle  by Rob Sproule Whether it’s their ease of growth, overwhelming flowers or just because we’re surprised that such a stunning plant can survive here, Canadians are passionate about lilies.   They are

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Mealy Bugs | Salisbury Greenhouse, St. Albert, Sherwood Park

Mealy Bugs

  Mealy Bugs by Rob Sproule   Depending on who you ask, this unmistakable critter is either disgusting or fascinating.   It looks like something dug up from the Burgess Shale only to escape the

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