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Potted Poinsettia next to ribbon wrapped gift | Salisbury Greenhouse - St. Albert, Sherwood Park

2023 Poinsettia Fundraising

As our poinsettias near their seasonal glory, we’re delighted to extend this fundraising opportunity to your group once more this year.

Here's How it Works

  • Choose Your Poinsettias: You have the freedom to select the types of poinsettias you want to offer in your fundraiser. Pick the colors, sizes, and varieties that best suit your audience.


  • Set Your Price: Determine the selling price for each poinsettia, allowing you to maximize your fundraising potential. You have full control over how much you want to charge.


  • Select Sizes to Offer: Customize your fundraiser by deciding which poinsettia sizes you’d like to make available to your supporters. Offer a range that fits their preferences.


  • Pay Only Wholesale Cost: You’ll pay us solely the wholesale cost of the poinsettias, ensuring that your group retains the remainder of the sales revenue as your fundraising earnings.


  • Poinsettias for November & December: Our poinsettias are available and at their finest throughout November and December, making them perfect for holiday gifting and decorations

Salisbury's Poinsettias

Our poinsettias are lovingly nurtured right here in our very own greenhouses. When you choose our locally grown blooms, you not only bring the warmth of the holiday season into your home but also support our community’s dedication to quality.Choose Salisbury’s Poinsettias and let the spirit of local pride blossom in your celebrations!

Red Poinsettia

The classic red variety of poinsettia is a safe choice that will brighten up the home.

White Poinsettia

Looking for something different? Choose this lovely white variation.

jingle Bells

This red and white variety of poinsettia will wow you.

Marble Poinsettia

These pink petals with white edging bring a feminine touch to the world of poinsettias.

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Start your fundraiser



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