12 Themes
of Christmas

at Salisbury Greenhouse

Embark on a festive adventure through
twelve uniquely curated themes at our
stores. Each theme boasts its own vibrant colors, charming ornaments, and delightful decor, creating a magical tapestry that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas.

Wander into our stores today and of holiday wonders. From timeless classics to contemporary elegance, our displays cater to every taste and style. Lose yourself in the joyous atmosphere as you explore each themed section, discovering the perfect elements to transform your space into a festive haven. Let the magic of Christmas unfold as you indulge in the beauty of the season.

Theme #1 Boho and Berries

Come to our store, you're in for a treat,
Boho and Berries, it's oh so neat.
With vibrant colors and ornaments galore,
Find a tree that leaves you wanting more.

Theme #2 Powdered Sky

In our store, the trees reach high,
Powdered Sky theme graces the sky.
With silvers and blues, like a winter's dream,
Discover the magic in every gleam.

Theme # 4 Black Tie Affair

For elegance and style, don't despair,
Black Tie Affair, we've got trees to spare.
With sophistication and ornaments so fine,
A tree that truly outshines.

Theme #3 Tartan Tidings

Tartan Tidings, a classic delight,
Red and green, oh what a sight!
Embrace the warmth of traditions past,
With a tree that's sure to last.

Theme #5 Amethyst Dreams

Amethyst Dreams, a vision in purple and gold,
Our trees, a sight to behold.
With regal hues and shimmering grace,
Create a holiday in a royal embrace.

Theme #6 Yuletide Trimmings

Yuletide Trimmings, oh so merry and bright,
Our trees twinkle through the night.
With garlands, baubles, and bells that chime,
Find a tree that's truly sublime.

Theme # 7 Santa's Getting Frosty

Santa's Getting Frosty, a frosty delight,
In our store, it's quite a sight.
With snowflakes and icicles, so crisp and white,
Visit us soon for a tree that's just right.

Theme # 8 Winter Greens

Winter Greens, a woodland dream,
Our trees with nature's theme.
Pinecones, owls, and a forest's grace,
Bring the outdoors to your cozy space.

Theme # 9 Mrs. Claus's Kitchen

From Mrs. Claus's Kitchen, a warm embrace,
Our trees adorned with a tasty trace.
Gingerbread men and candy canes so sweet,
A tree that makes holiday memories complete.

Theme # 10 Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather, cozy and snug,
Our trees adorned like a warm, woolly hug.
With furry ornaments and a fireside glow,
Come to our store, it's a charming show.

Theme # 11 Rogue

In our store, you're in for a delight,
With Christmas trees that shine so bright.
First, behold 'Rogue,' a vibrant scheme,
With red, pink, and gold, like a festive dream.

Theme # 12 Hark Now Hear

Or choose 'Hark Now Hear,' so divine,
Angels in gold and white, they shine.
A heavenly theme, pure and serene,
Come see these trees, like you've never seen.

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